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  1.  Nice one!


    Very nice product. Made of good materials, stable and really powerful for something that small and powered via USB. Another thing - I wouldn't have guessed that foam blades could deliver such a nice air movement but here's surprise - it does it! Another great thing about it - it can be used as a portable fan which is a great idea. Price - absolutely awesome - 5 pounds thank you very much. The only downside I can think of is that its a bit noisy but then again so as the other fans. All in all - fantastic. Thanks Play and Veho.

  2.  Does the trick.


    It might be slow but in compensation You get small size, waterproof (tested) and looking good flash drive. And yes, it is slow but only when You write data on it, when You read from it the speed is quite decent.

  3.  Uhuhuhuhuhu!!!


    I mean 'Gladiator' is like 'must have' position for everybody and I mean everybody. It's got great story, characters, fighting scenes, outstanding soundtrack and sand of Coliseum. And seeing this in Blu-ray edition with steelbox - Xmas in June!!!

  4.  Surprised!!!


    Probably the biggest surprise of the year in movie industry. Finally different approach to the whole alien invasion thing. Great job done on the movie. Didn't see that coming. Highly recommended. Probably one of the best sci-fi movies of this decade.

  5.  Excellent!!!


    Probably the best gaming pad I had for my PC. Comfortable shape and material that is made of, buttons and analogs are exactly where they should be in exact distance, no drivers needed - just plug and play. Got it half cheaper than normally. Superior!

  6.  Love it!


    Despite the fact that it was proven that it is similar to movie we've seen decade and a half ago it's still masterpiece to me. Saw it twice in the cinema and bought it as soon as it came out. James Cameron is still great. I'm not gonna write what's good about it, it's just too much of it. The movie as a whole is just simply outstanding! Nice touch with combo pack.

  7.  Brilliant!!!


    Made of high quality material, looks realistic and it makes my friends wonder: 'Who is this guy?' I don't use it for coats and jackets, more like keys, necklaces and all that but it serves me very well so far. Great job!

  8.  Outstanding!!!


    I mean how twisted and sick You can get? Turns out VERY!!! It's just lying there on my desk but it's such a funny thing and it makes me at least smile when I am down. It's even better when You spill some tomato sauce around it. Well done!

  9.  Loads of laughs!!!


    Twisted to the very edges of DVD disc. Can't stop laughing till the end titles. Great job with the voices. Highly recommended.

  10.  Best keyboard I ever had!!!


    It's just simply perfect. Nice design, very comfortable wrist rest, back light is great touch for night playing, loads of settings and all of it for 16.99!!! Anything else? Coz I am cooked and ready for dinner. Nice one this one.