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  1.  So poor.


    Owned this for literally 3 hours and then sold it. Does everything the previous versions did but just not as well. The only thing thats improved is the graphics but that would be it, as far as improvements are concerned.

  2.  Really nice but too small!!


    Great quality but I ordered a large (I'm 6'2" average build) and it was way too small. I like my t-shirts to fit but this is just too tight! Extra Large would have been spot on. My wife is now the proud owner of a new polo shirt!!?!??!

  3.  **Only based on the Demo**


    I've been looking forward to this for some time and based on the demo I'm feeling a little short changed.

    With punches being thrown via the right stick, it feels far too easy to throw an incorrect punch. For example, the difference in stick movement between an uppercut and a cross is very small. This constantly left me wide open to a hefty smack in the face, which in a boxing game isn't ideal.

    The graphics are good but as mentioned in one of the other reviews they do have something of a cartoon like quality. In some of the close ups, the fighters look like wax works and are certainly not as good as the those in UFC 2009.

    The actual physics of the fight seem to work well although punches feel weak when thrown. The haymaker punches feel especially under powered and during one bout I knocked my opponenet down with a punch, which quite frankly my Nan could have taken!?

    I sincerely hope that this is one of those games that improves the longer you play it and that the full version will "draw you in" so that the minor flaws can be overlooked.

  4.  Much underestimated - Brilliant phone


    My last three phones have been Samsung and they just keep on getting better. Recently upgraded from a G800 to the S7220 and couldn't be happier.

    This phone does everything that my G800 did but in a much more compact package. The OLED screen is tremendous and makes the pictures taken wih the 5meg camera look really crisp.

    If you want a phone that has some bells and whistles but aren't looking to have the very latest "flash phone" this is for you.

  5.  Not even worth the fiver I paid for it!?!?


    Playtesting isn't a dirty word, or so I thought. How was this game released with two such massive flaws?

    Controls - Average at best. Really loose aiming system, with the target being directly on an enemy and yet the bullets appear to be passing right through them.
    AI - Your "team" appear to just run around doing whatever they please. Not helpful when this is a fundamental aspect of the game.

    I did expect much more from the "Hitman" team.

  6.  Average FPS that falls in the shadow of Bioshock.


    I am a massive first person shooter fan and yet this leaves me wanting. In a genre that has seen games such as Rainbow Six Vegas, GRAW 2 and more recently Bioshock, this really does not come up to scratch. Even PREY is better than this and that's now going for a tenner on this very website!!
    The sound is very average, with voice overs being too quiet so you miss key plot points. The gun noises are also a real let down. Are guns not allowed to make proper sounds in the future then?!
    This is a classic example of hype over substance. Granted, some of the graphics are very good but still not the quite the sumptuous eye fodder I had expected.
    With most reviews giving it between 9 and 10 out of 10, you have to wonder whether half of the gaming industry is eating out on Microsoft's money!?!? Either that or standards have dropped dramatically!?!?!?