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    I must say this has to be the best ever film i've seen in a very long time

    the acting is fantastic
    the colour and fx to this movie are outstanding
    and then there is the great sound track to it too

    and even great in the 3D too

    i have already seen it several times now at the cinema as i absolutely love this movie and can't get enough of this movie
    it is such a ride man that i want to get on again and sagain and again and again

    and Jeff Bridges is great as ever and even the cgi o0f his younger self and as clu is pretty amazing
    and so good that sometimes you don't and you forget to realise that clu is just a cgi and yet looks very good

    then there is Sam Flynn was great in this as the son
    and played the part very well indeed

    and as for Oliva Wilde

    WOW!!! What a gorgeous site that is

    mind you not bad considering shes only been around acting sinse 2003 but i guess staring in a big hit tv drama sort of helps

    Olivia puts on a great performance here too
    there are some really great action seens in this movie too

    as for Martin Sheen in this, thats another story
    and i thought he was hilarious in this

    my prediction would be that this movie becomes a massive smash hit not only at the box office but also when the disc formats get their release too.
    i would think that possibly by the end of 2013 or 2014 there would be another great movie tron for sure and very much i'd so love to see these actors in it again and possibly some other great stars too

    i must also say i loved the original tron movie and in no way has it outdated now as it must be one of the very few unique movies ever made to come to the silver screen and it i'd say has always been a success and this new instalment of TRON LEGACY just goes to show and prove this very much the case

    and until the next time with the next Tron sequal

    i'm gonna say


    END OF LINE......