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  1.  A Fantastic product


    I bought this as I started to play World of Warcraft.

    The Zboard concept is brilliant and takes keyboard overlays into the 21st century.

    The extra keysets you can buy are perfect for the computer games they're made for. My only complaints are;
    too few limited keysets available, this is a great product and they should push it much more.
    The keysets themsleves are not flat and require storage, would be nice if they sold a way of storing them.

    Updating the software is very easy.
    I have only come across one problem, which they are working on. when you install this, take note of which USB port you use, it seems that it embeds in this port alone.

    overall a good keyboard for typing and a great accessory for gamers.

  2.  Fun product but it could have been so much better


    Ok, this is my first review so here goes

    The Tardis USB Hub is about 12cm in height. The advertised picture makes it look much bigger (I used the USB plug in the picture as a reference and the Tardis would be approximately 20cm in height)

    The Tardis soundbite is original and the on/off feature is a good addition.

    The USB ports, however are placed in pairs on opposing sides of the Tardis, with the power socket on another, this makes the Tardis, when all USB ports are fully utilised, look like the Doctor himself is trying to run a bypass or jumpstart the Tardis.

    The Flashing Blue light is fun but it failed after about 2 weeks. I didn't ask for a replacement as the hub is still functional. I did check and the light cannot be replaced in anyway.

    The Hub is easy to setup but the problem with the location of the ports make it a little difficult to get it to sit right where you want it.

    If you like Dr Who then this is an okay addition for the price via Play.com but if it's just a powered USB hub you need then I'd say look around.

    Suggestions to the manufacturer:
    Make the Tardis 1.5 times larger.
    Place all of the USB ports and the power socket on one side (this could be used if you decide to make a 6 or 8 port version).
    Provide a means of replacing the Blue light should it fail.