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  1.  Fantastic buy.


    An amazing price and also great for backing up files. Definite buy!!

  2.  What a letdown :-(


    I was drawn in by the considerable hype for this game and was expecting it to deliver. I knew it wasn't going to be like GTA or RDR, but it had the Rockstar seal of approval, so surely it coudn't fail? Wrong. The first few cases rush by, serving as little more than clumsy tutorials. Thereafter, you're thrown into an uninteresting and frankly depressing story, upon which your actions have no bearing. Searching crime scenes for clues is a case of walking around slowly, turning objects left and right until you find the information you need. Interrogations feel pointless, whether you nail them perfectly or press buttons at random the case will still have the same outcome.

    Sure, this game was supposed to blur the line between game and movie like no other, but it's come at the expense of any enjoyable gameplay. Asking for directions while driving quickly becomes repetitive and the typical Rockstar "free roam" elements (such as collecting film reels and finding all vehicles) are a total bore.

    Where the game earns its 2 stars is in the incredible facial animations and the fact that Team Bondi took a chance by trying such a unique game. However, despite the developers best efforts and the unavoidable advertising campaign, L.A. Noire fails to deliver from start to finish and is ultimately neither game nor film, it simply feels boring.

  3.  Hilarious!


    Having seen Milton on Mock The Week, I wasn't disappointed with this dvd. There weren't many jokes repeated from his tv appearances and his performance is brilliant from start to finish. My only query with this dvd is with the lack of extras. While I dont think every dvd needs them, most comedians add at least a couple of extras features that raise a few laughs. However, the quality of the show is enough to make this a must-buy for fans of Milton or one-liners.

  4.  Excellent


    The poster looks fantastic and is a great size too. Recommended.