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  1.  Premo still producing the best


    This is the best album i bought last year i still listen to it every day cos its so good.
    The music is fresh its no pop its not music to dance to its not Souljah Boy. This is raw and a must for true hip-hop fans. It reminds me of the mid nineties when you had good New York based artists like Wu Tang, MOP, Biggie Smalls and Mobb Deep topping the charts.
    NYGZ can rap they dont need to rely on the beats but saying that the beats are fantastic but what else would you expect from the mighty DJ Premier?
    Good appearance from Lil Fame in the song Sufferin which is the best on the album. Lil Fame opens his heart here which itself is a gem.
    Check out Itz On, Ya Days R Numbered, Giantz Ta This and Broken Dreams some stand outs in this album where you wont want to fast forward or rewind at all.
    Look out for these boys they wont hit the charts but they should get plenty of appreciation and handshakes.

  2.  Good


    I liked this game, certinaly for £15 is a bargain.

    The graphics are sharp, the gameplay is good and the characters are very lifelike.

    The season mode is enjoyable and a good challenge from playing very low ranked people in parks to playing the likes of Roddick at Wimbledon which is a good feeling. You can create your own character and put them into the season adding to the enjoyment.

    The training sessions are also fun and quite hard making the achievement better, you need to complete training as part of the seasons to be a better player yourself.

    I feel this game is fun and if you like Tennis i would recommend it perhaps not as good as Virtual Tennis 3 but for £20 less i dont think you would notice the small differences in graphics, gameplay etc.

  3.  Good but not great


    As a fan of hip-hop i waited for this with anticipation however it isnt the best and can lose interest after an hour.

    The range of artists in the game are good and should be someone there you like personally. More are avialble to unlock giving it a challenge. However, i feel they could have made some more unlockable characters like Biggie, 2Pac, Eazy E etc who have never been in games before and making it a bbit more nostalgic.

    The main gameplay is to create a label and sign artists and manage there careers trying to get money. The fighting is good, the moves are good and the arenas are interactive making it again good but it is rather repetitive repetitive and quite boring after a while.

    The graphics are good and you can upload your own songs into the game making it more personal as well as creating your own character and taking them into the online world to compete with others.

    I would have liked to have seen a hip-hop management game with less fighting and the ability to sign numerous artists and have more control over them. What i want though isnt what this game is about and that is primarily fighting which isnt as exciting/enjoyable as say Dear or Alive or Smackdown offers.

    If your a hip-hop fan i would recommend it but dont expect to play on it for hours at a time, have a back-up game ready to use after an hour or so

  4.  Fantastic


    This is one of the best games i have played ever.

    The storyline on single player is prehaps a bit short and could have had a couple more levels but the levels it does have are filled with different challenges and obstacles. The bosses you have to kill are good and all offer different challenges.

    The cut scenes add to the storyline and you cant help but get stuck in and help your team mates out. Graphically it is superb and the range of weapons available are good, i cant think of too many more weapons which could be available. Theres no better feeling when you chainsaw someone!

    Online play is second to none. You can either play co-operatively or find a host and join the carnage. With numerous maps available to play on and several game types it offers what i call continuous gameplay where you can play until your xbox freezes!

    With updates regularly coming out including new maps since its release and a new game type (Annex which is the best type by far) it is easily going to still be one of the most played in years to come.

    THe only bad point is you cant use vehicules in the game. But this is a very very very small point and takes nothing away from the superb gameplay

  5.  A great multiplayer game


    THe Smackdown Vs Raw brand of games get bigger and better with every release and this is no exception. With more wrestlers, more moves, more gameplay modes and enhanced graphics and commentaries.

    The main difference is getting used to the buttons, having previously playing it on a PS2 you get completely different buttons and often press the wrong ones. They have added more grappling options for the wrestler making the wrestlers repetiore of moves from about 10 on the previous versions to over 30.

    The online gameplay is good fun and the career has also been well improved and lasts longer and has more options depending on the wrestler you choose.

    You can create your own belt and defend it online as well as taking your created wrestlers to the online arena. Much fun with hours of use.

    I dont even watch wrestling on the tele but i enjoy these games alot as its one of the best you can play with your mates

  6.  A Great game with hours of fun


    As a fan of the Dawn of the Dead films i thought this was the game to go with the film, despite the game claiming not to be affiliated with or set upon the film it clearly is!

    The map is huge, the graphics are great including cut scenes and actual gameplay and has hours of fun

    You star as a photographer who has to survive in a shopping mall, what you do or dont depends on the outcome on the story. there are a few endings which offer new levels and achievements.

    The gameplay is good, there are a vast array of weapons and the humans in the game ad to the spice. Missions range from saving people to killing the pyschopaths who are either looting or killing anyone in there path.

    The map is huge and interactive. You can pick up and use loads of weapons and they have diffferent impacts. Having to eat food to regain energy makes it more realistic and stops you barricading yourself in a room killing zombies.

    I would recommend this to anyone who likes action games, you can choose which missions you do and can complete the game by doing none and jut killing zombies.

    The only downsides to this is it has no xbox live gameplay. I think a co-operative mode could have worked with possible more missions aimed at two persons similar to Gears Of War.

    Highly recommended