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    I just about give this the full 5 stars,because come the end I can I honestly say I really enjoyed it.
    Okay some of it looks a bit cheap,but the acting certainly isn't awful and there's plenty of gore to entertain fans of the red stuff.

    Some young friends go to look at some ancient rock paintings.
    Then one of the females goes skinny dipping and emerges with her body covered in leeches. Soon after, turns,well...primal.
    With her new strength and speed,she goes on a rampage with flesh eating in mind. Can the rest escape or are they all doomed?

    So it's all a bit silly,but it's good fun and I loved the dry aussie humour. Some of the lines that may've gone over some people heads made me laugh a lot,such as "she just needs help",brilliant.

    For me,this did what it was meant to,so I have no problem with it,take it for what it is and enjoy.



    If the idea of a zombie not happy about being a zombie and going on a mission to get his intended back doesn't sound appealing to you,go elsewhere.
    This is very funny in a ridiculous way. It is mainly about this guy who is killed in a way he struggles to remember. He comes across antother guy who appears to be fine with being a zombie and decides to help his (unimpressed to zombie life)new mate.
    It is funny to see someone clearly miffed about being a zombie and refusing to join in with the flesh eating norm. He starts remembering moments before his death and the story grows.
    This is most unusual and I appreciated the new slant on zombie films,it's got some good gore with it,plenty of laughs and some heart.
    But can his girl love a zombie? Now there's a question.



    Okay,so this hasn't got the originality or surprise of the first one,but it works fine for what it is,i very much enjoyed it.

    It starts off pretty much just after where there first left off,the survivor escaping from her hell and a search taking place.
    Upon discovering there is a mute survivor in shock,the police get a team to take her down to where she escaped from in order to find out what went on down there. Oh dear!

    There is a lot of gore and they go back to the first story bit by bit, The creatures are clearer to make out which will please some and not others and the story does it's job well. The end is a bit surprising,but it kind of works for a horror,i wasn't disappointed,far from it.



    Not exactly a poor film,just one that is nowhere near perfect.
    Four winners of a competition are given a flight involving a game which sounds fun,but soon becomes a very personal nightmare.
    As the game starts,questions are asked,personal ones involving their deepest secrets,once wrong answers are purposely given,the true answers are revealed and the contestants are humiliated. The voice of the quizmaster has a SAW type feel going on,giving the movie tension.
    As each contestant starts showing their true colours,we start to learn who are liars,hypocrites,perverts or just plain nasty.

    This is a look at what things are being done on the internet and the damage it can cause,great point but missing the quality that would have me watching again. The acting is fine,the characters range from a big moron to the seemingly nice.

    I liked the end and the reason for it all,even if it did seem a little over the top,it at least made a point.

    You could do far worse for a horror that's not just blood and guts,but chances are you'll sell it off after viewing.

  5. AM


    Arctic Monkeys - CD

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    This may well take several listens to sink in the way previous releases have,but it's impressive as it grows into something special.
    I was taken by surprise by the amount of falsettos in this,but it works with Alex's vocals doing their usual thing,naturally sounding more mature.
    Clearly the band have grown up a lot since their stunning debut,so rather than singing about love's that could be or are,the lyrics come across as someone pensive,almost drowing in memories of loves that were. With songs of hope for reigniting old flames and looking at love from a different angle to what a younger version of themselves would,this may not have the in your face attitude of their early work,but work it does.
    A band still growing strong with the usual quirky lyrics and some new idea thrown in and riffs to make many a band jealous,this may not be what some fans were hoping for,but it's clearly the same band as previous years,one not afraid to try out new things. Seriously,give it a few listens,if it doesn't appeal at first. After a few listens,i was left respecting their genius.



    Okay,you know right away this is going to odd,but it was odd in a way I didn't quite expect.
    It is indeed about a killer tyre named ROBERT,,it starts by running over little things then does a SCANNERS type of head blowing kill on everyone it chooses. However,as the tyre is going about it's way,there are onlookers for this movie in progress and the lines between watching a movie and becoming part of the movie become blurred. This starts off with a somewhat odd description of classic movies having moments that make no sense,it's a good metaphorical wink at the camera,letting viewers know this is one of those movies full of nonsense moments.

    This is stupidly amusing in a way some will love,but it left me a little bemused. I knew what I was letting myself in for,but it didn't play out quite as expected. Worth a view for it being so mad,but some will see this a stupid rubbish,which it kind of is,but amusingly so.



    Whilst quite brutal,this film has left me disappointed. The story just lost it's grip on my attention at about the halfway mark.
    The main story being a Viking warrior being ordered to find his brother and bring him home. This task means he has to trust people he'd rather not along the way and finding out just who is trustworthy in the long run. The action is great for the most part,but the story wanders some,as did my mind. It wasn't long before I stopped caring who was who or what or why. There are better Viking warrior movies out there and once you've got over the splashing of blood,this one doesn't have much to offer. Some might love this for the action and if the story keeps their attention,but I had to stop myself swinging a hammer at this movie,so that I can sell it off.

  8.  BONKERS!


    If you like mad,over the top Japanese movies,give this one a go. Just don't expect any nudity,it's all about the bloody and bonkers action.
    It's a tale of a geisha girl becoming robotic and seeking justice. There's a good story told by the main character about how she became this way after being jealous of her sister for many years.
    The action is crazy and quite bloody,though the CGI isn't great,it just does it's job. The weapons that will makes most viewers laugh include long nosed masked boobs with killer milk,circular saw mouth,armpit swords,shoulder guns,boob guns,bottom missiles and swords and killer cleaver socks.
    There's more as you'll soon discover with a big laugh or shake of the head. You need a silly sense of humour to get this and become amused by ridiculous dialogue,such as groans about being stressed out by being brutally attacked. It's mad mad mad action that just gets more and more bizarre. Forgive the dodgy acting and enjoy the crazy fun.



    This is going to bore some with the slow moving story,but it's a story that does eventually make a good point.
    This starts off looking like a a murder or major accident has just happened,then we go back to how this came about. A woman who is seemingly depressed,seeks help and her psychiatrist puts her on a pill that appears to be good for her,but has the side effect of sleep walking,this leads to some very serious taking place and so the story kicks off with a more interesting pace. A lot of viewers won't make it this far as it is depressing and very slow,but for those that don't mind that,the story has twists and turns to keep you watching. There's a good message about medication but also mental illness and how it's viewed.
    It's a film I appreciated,with some top acting,one that at least dares to ask questions and isn't just depressing with nothing really said.
    I liked the end and though it gets a little complicated,it does deliver.



    It's a basic idea this,the parents of a incident involving one lad hitting another with a stick,get together to talk it out like adults.
    But what starts of friendly enough with just a few slight jibes,soon gets a little personal. The acting is great and shows how childish adults can be when the don't agree on something. The talk keeps getting extended so as not to leave things with bitterness,but things soon get out of hand with one mother being sick and alcohol being opened to make tongues looser. It's great how sides are taken and changed as the argument goes on,the dialogue is the real star of the film and had me laughing a lot. It's a petty ranting heated discussion that is unlike anything I've seen before. It all makes you feel like a fly on the wall watching a civil discussion turn into absolute carnage.