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  1.  Ask yourself this question


    In 25yrs time will people look back on Prometheus in the same way people look back on Alien, recognising it as a seminal piece of film making?
    No, they won't. It's that simple. Plot holes all over the place. Just plain frustrating story telling, and a film I will not watch over and over and over like I did with Alien.

    In it's own right it's worth watching, as a standalone impressive looking sci fi film. It just failed to give the deliver the wow (and horror) factor after the absolutely brilliant opening scene.

  2.  Without doubt the best Fight Night yet


    EA have taken Fight Night 4 and have improved upon it a lot more than I was expecting. Being a huge Fight Night fan I loved Fight Night 4. However, especially playing online I hated the 'game killing' tactics some people would use. The unrealistic body-body-body punching tactics for the entire fight (where usually a few uppercuts would usually stop that in a real boxing match - the old controls made upper cuts a thumb rotating pain in the backside), and the extremely annoying arcade like special punches I also found extremely annoying. Fight Night 4's power modifier was also flawed as you could only use it on certain punches. Now you can simply hold RB and unleash a stinging left jab, or any other punch you try.

    Counter punching in Fight Night 4 was also unrealistic, where everything seemed to freeze for an instant, and in that freeze you'd have to get your punch away. Now, a counter punch is exactly what it is in real life. You evade a punch, then instantly ping a counter. The new full spectrum punch control system works a dream. A simplified version of Fight Night 4's version, and surprisingly it's not dumbed down. It just works a lot faster. Very realistic boxing fights. Signature styles for all the legends of the ring and a wide variety of knock outs and knock downs, from one punch ref stops the fight instantly moments, to using a flurry of punches to chop your opponent down punch by punch against the ropes.

    I really don't have a clue what Alzo is talking about. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but this is a far more realistic boxing game and a lot more fine tuned than Fight Night 4. My game of the year already.

  3.  Seamless integration with Kinect


    Very impressive. Ideally position your Kinect quite high up (near eye level) and the game scans you completely into the game. No fuss, no extra hassle re scanning you every time you leave the play area for a drink (unlike EA Sports Active).
    Yes, you do have some extra downloadable content if you want to expand on the original game, but the game is now 33 quid, whats an extra few quid on top to get Cardio Boxing, for example, and get a great work out?

    Top quality product.

  4.  Have to agree with the poor rating


    Does not recognise you most of the time. Does not track you especially when doing anything involving you laying down (ie press ups). Constantly pauses itself. Only giving it two stars because if you ignore the awful 'Kinect Compatible' nonesense it does give you a good work out, but it's despite the Kinect sensor, not because of it.

    I'm selling mine and buying Your Shape.