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    ........................................................................................................................Excuse me everyone this game is awesome.... That is all

  2.  rly gd but minor small problems


    all round the game is rly gd ........ but u cant take down enemies at distance for some reason the gadgets r a bit lame and most of the time u have to be in detective mode just incase u miss something which is rly annoying but part from that game flows well graphics r awesome but i can see ppl getin bored with it very quick as i have

  3.  hope u like dieing lol


    awesome game graphics, gr8 gameplay the monsters look unique :) only thing that lets it down is theres no tutorial where rly there needs to be. and btw every1 this is a game for hardcore gamers only coz u will die alot theres no easy normal or hard difficulty so if u want a big challenge buy this now and the extras in the limited edition was a nice touch lol

  4.  a dam gd game !!!!


    this game is gr8 single player and online ,new features which makes this game more intersting and competative and still delivers the gd ol bullets guns gore and locust headshots of coarse i would defanatly recommend this game even if ur not keen on the gears of war games this has a gd chance of converting you.
    work of art!



    i liked the game i thought the graphics was gd the alien things looked gd and designed well the bosses r great fun but multiplayer is laughable i was expectin so much more but i give this game 4 stars for the fact i loved the single player and co op

  6.  blood guts bullets genades and pure carnage :)


    played the demo and was very happy with it smooth gameplay and gd fun. level graphics wasnt the best but after i saw what the full game has to offer and what iv played already it needs 5 stars btw ppl the multiplayer advitised looks rly gd just gotta wait til tuesday

  7. Brink


    Xbox 360

    19 New from  £2.45  Free delivery

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     such a same :(


    i ignored the bad reviews this game had and decided to get it anyways.
    good points.
    1) customization options r top notch and unmatched
    2) freedom to go where u want and not just 1 way
    3) the features in game r very good
    bad points
    1) the story line is non existant and pointless
    2)its not rly a multiplayer u may have a team of people on ur side but ur against ai bots and thats anoying!!
    3) theyve put to much on the main screen and sometimes it draws u away from where u shud be looking

    so on the whole theyve concertrated so much on customization and features and seems like they forgot about storyline and how to lay out the game, the gameplay is ok but had potental to be great.so bit disappointed 3/5 worth a rent or at least wait till the price drops a bit

  8.  4.7 but ill give 5 stars


    they have improved the game in almost everyway only thing i wasnt happy bout is the fact u cant create ur own player for conquest mode which sucked a little but part from that i cnt pick fault great game best dw game yet and i cant wait for the empires version to come out!!

  9.  an insult!!!!


    im a dw fan and this was an insult!!! no proper battles its like a stage thing enemies just randomly pop up in front of u. its says u can use 2 weapons but only shows ur original 1!!!!! dumb game pointless aswell the developers needs a slap! and i pray dynasty warriors 7 is nothing like this

  10.  almost awesome


    ok the story mode maybe short but the storyline and mission r rly good and ppl have said the graphics arent good but i found there r!!! the gun graphics r extremly gd and the guns look great.

    multiplayer- loved the guns but there r only 12 but where it lacks in that it gains elsewhere the maps have a perfect mixture between buildings and open space the guns damage are spot on ( snipers take 2 shots for a kill unless headshot), maps r big and its 8-10 player on each sideand the vechiles u can purchase in game is awesome. atm it does have loads of game modes but iv heard extra modes and maps r in the making already!!

    my verdict good singler player great online a better version of battlefield series and impoved on every point worth buying but they could of made it epic with some finishing touches 4.5 stars