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  1.  Grand Theft Horses


    Red dead redemption is a follow up to red dead revolver a game that quite simply put multiplayer in open world games on the map for the playstation. In Red Dead Redemption you play one John Marston, a cowboy who is looking for redemption. Rockstar have once again shown the world that they are Kings of the open world genre

    The Graphics - The Graphics on this game are literally mind blowing for an open world game!. the way the mouths move when the characters talk are like no other i have seen. The main characters have more detail in there facial features but the npc characters who are not important to story events are still flawless!. There are some interest bugs and glitches that you will find such as snake lady though, but this is what makes an open world game fun, the exploration and finding of the weird and wonderful

    theres so much to see and do in the wild west!, such as cattle hearding, horse breaking, horse shoes, poker, liars dice, shoot outs, duels, exploration, night watch dutys, hunting, skinning, selling, buying and much much more!. the whole game itself will take over 20 hours for full completion

    the controls are grand theft auto! which is'nt a bad thing, why ruin something that works! there also a new feature called dead eye!. its a fun little add where you can slow the gameplay down so you can pick off enemies when you feel overwhelemed in battle!

    there is way to much in multi-player to even begin! but a quick summary of what to expect!. with just the game and without downloading the extras suck as liars and cheats pack and the legends pack the online mode is still great!. there are gang shoot outs where you and a gang take on another gang in an all out war!. theres grab the bag! (my favourite) where the team who grabs the opponents treasure three times wins!. and also open world multiplayer! doesnt get much better

    the download extras are great! such as the free downloadable extra called "co-op" where you can team up with a friend or join a posse online and complete missions together!

    the verdict
    this game is fantastic, if you like open world games and love the wild west then do pick this up!, it has great controls beautiful graphics and a gripping storyline where you will eventually become emotionally envolved with the main protaganist john marston. besides a few glitches here and there, this game is not only recommended but needed!

  2.  The Green Skaar!


    Do not listen to the naysayers! i own the world war hulk comic collection and this dvd really takes all of its roots and ideas from the comic series. It stays true to the comic portrayal!.

    The Animation
    its smooth, its crisp, its fresh!. its also very similar to the "Hulk vs" dvd which in my book is never a bad thing

    the story
    i won't cause any spoilers but the basic plot is that The Hulk has been banished to another planet and things go a bit crazy!. The only thing i did'nt like is that instead of having the silver surfer cameo like in the comic books the have beta ray bill. which is interesting, but not quite the same as the Silver Surfer. so lost a mark for that

    The Voice Overs
    once again a great voice over cast!, when hulk smash, everyone believes the hulk smash! the voice cast is just perfect! props to marvel for having some of the best voice casts i have heard on animated movies!

    the verdict!
    the story is gripping and very very close to the comics. minus points for no silver surfer. great voice cast and beautiful animation that captured the planet and the characters perfectly.

    a must for marvel fans! as this was one of the biggest events in marvel history! soon to come world war hulk

  3.  Hulk still rules


    The Hulk, known as incredible! known as the green skaar, known also as bruce banner. This DVD is a perfect highlight of just how vicious the Hulk is. His epic battles with wolverine have spawned countless comic books, as have his battles with Thor the god of Thunder.

    Both episodes have there own individual art styles but there not to different to distract you between watching both. It's a mesh of classic manga style and x-men the animated series style.

    The voice overs are some of the best i have heard! an example is when thor shouts out "for odin, for asgard!" gave me chills down my spine!.

    this dvd comes with great extras! behind the scenes with the animators and with the voice over cast!

    this is a must buy for any Hulki/Thor/Wolverine fan! as all of them have been portrayed the way they should be! gritty, fantastical, heroic and violent!