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  1.  Good


    The film on the whole was pretty average and i felt a lot of the performances to be fairly weak. However as soon as Lizzie Clark as Poppy opened that door my jaw dropped. Like Judie Dench in Shakespeare in Love, it only took a few seconds for her to prove her worth in this film. Definitely worth a watch especially for that performance.

  2. Empire


    Kasabian - CD

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     Great Album.


    A Brilliant second album from Kasabian but by a fraction their weakest of the three. Again, they have some Anthems on the record with the likes of Empire, Shoot the Runner and Stuntman however i found the odd song to be a little weak compared to their usual. However a must buy none the less and still an Album i'll be listening to for years to come. Marks the introduction of Serge as lead songwriter as well so a good start from him especially with his little addition of British Legion which i found a great little song going against what everyone else seems to think. Ah well, still a brilliant album from a brilliant band. Hope they last for years to come!

  3.  Brilliant Debut


    Really really good Debut record from the Boys from Leicester. Not considered completely original however they really do try to differ from most modern indie/rock bands. My Stand out tracks here would be Club Foot, Reason is Treason, LSF and Cutt Off. Club foot has one of the best basslines i have ever heard and LSF has a chorus that you can keep on singing to. Seen these guys twice now and it's nice to see their first album singles have not been forgotten. They've gone on to become the best band in the world today. Good Stuff

  4.  Brilliant.


    Serge Pizzorno is really coming on as a songwriter. There are some tunes on this song to say the least. I stand by Kasabian being the world's leading Riff creator's in the world today. Then they pull out some real different yet fantastic songs like Thick as Thieves and West Ryder Silver Bullet; really trying to do something different. Stand out tracks for me are Underdog, Fast Fuse and Take aim although that's not to say the rest of the album isn't fantastic. Really worth a listen to; this is easily one of my favourite albums of all time and i couldn't recommend it more. Keep it coming.

  5.  Good stuff Sly.


    A story barely exists, nothing special by any means with cinematography, performances or anything. But some wonderful set pieces simply make this film so so watchable. Be ready for sly mounting a Jeep Turret, one of my favourite scenes of all time. (ish)

  6.  Shocking. in the good sense


    This film had me on edge; i admit i scare easily but this is without doubt one of the most terrifying films i have ever seen. I was looking outside for crawlers at one point. People complain about the all female cast, well it's different isn't it? You expect manly men to be Killing Giant Invincible things with their bare hands where as here we have some normal late 20's women with no fighting experience having to fight for their lives. Fantastic lighting as well. Really makes the room you're in feel darker and more closed in. Scary stuff, not watching it again for a while. Well done Neil Marshall.