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  1.  Absolutely stunning!


    The problem is with the bad reviews on this game is that there is not one intelligently, lengthy written piece on it from those people. It's ridiculous reasons like "I play a lot of COD and comparing this game to that, they need to look at the competition". And, "I played it twice and never looked at it again". Absolutely ridiculous!

    This game is phenominally stunning. The gun battles and physics are some of the best I've ever seen. The death animations are just unreal. A lot of people complain of the cut scenes. Yes there are a lot of them but this is not just a COD replica with fast unrealistic action. It's a cleverly paced story that unwinds amidst mayhem.

    Admittedly yeah the multiplayer is lacking a bit and sometimes a little laggy, however I have spent so many hours playing that also. I am now on my second playthrough on the hardest difficulty.

    Anyway, incredible game.

  2.  Probably my favourite game EVER!


    Being a Massive zombie fan, I had my eye on this since they started making this game back in 06 (a bit of a stab to the people who say "it's just a rip off of left 4 dead with the same zombies etc" as I'm pretty sure dead island was started before L4D.

    I constantly checked the website and kept getting the same message 'Website Under Construction' splattered in blood.

    And yeh, quite simply. . . best zombie game and probably my favourite game ever (next to Dead Space 2).

    Nuff Said.

  3.  Like 'Hostel' with zombies!


    I received this as a gift and I was like 'ahhhh, I've read not great things about this'. But, as I didn't want to upset the person who bought me it, I gave it a whirl and was thoroughly impressed!

    As I said in the title, it's like being thrust into a horror movie with un-necessary killings and people getting limbs chopped off and axes in heads etc.

    I don't know how long it is but I started playing it at about 11pm and finished (not completed) at 1am as I was literally knackered! Playing games and working out = winning combination!

    The bad points are things like sometimes (like any of the kinect games) it can be hard to perform a motion to hit something and the walking can be very frustrating when you're fighting multiple enemies. Most of the battling consists of waiting for the enemies to come into your range rather than you going to them as they surround you.

    The walking speed is also frustrating as you cant run and often you find you character turning if you're not straight on to the camera. That can be annoying if you're trying to walk down an alley filled with spikes as they kill you!

    It's kind of like dead island (with the melee) and resident evil 4 combined. Loads of weapons also.

    Definitely recommend but wait until at most 25.00 quid!

  4.  The bad reviews are from ignorant people.


    The people who have rated this game 1* all say exactly the same thing. "This game is rubbish, it has no free roam". Neither did the first red faction games, they were all 1st person set in caves and in buildings etc. THQ haven't just done a Rockstar and polished off an old game with new skins and effects, they've gone for a completely new game, and it ROCKS!

    The weapons are awesome and the sound effects are some of the best i've ever heard in a game. The graphics are good although there are better graphics out there. Sure a lot of the game is set in caves and underground etc but there is a lot of varieties with different types of missions like vehicles and defending areas with turrets. Plus loads of G's (gamerscore) to rack up.

    I've almost completed it and it's about 10 hours but i still haven't even touched the infestation mode yet which is like the Gears of war mode and just puts you against waves of enemies. But you can play that 2player co-op or 4 player online.

    Either way, seriously awesome game.

    BUY IT!

  5.  Very Very Good But Lots Of Issues.


    The demo was absolutely pants as it just thrust you into 2 VERY hard levels with no idea on controls or generally what to do but i purchased it anyway with the promise of a good co-op and it definitely pays for it's self with good times. I've already completed it co-op once on normal in about 15 hours. . .i think. But have now started it again on Veteran with another friend. I Haven't played it single player but have heard that your partners AI is not TOO intelligent.

    Issues include annoying things like not being able to walk and fire and so when you're incredibly low on ammo and only able to use your knife, you have to get right in the enemies face and they attack you from a distance greater than your swing! Also it sometimes takes literally 25 hits to kill someone with a knife and lots of head shots. Annoying issues with not being able to see your crosshair as the laser is very faint. Another is that it was so hard to start a co-op game. You have to read the manual but there should just be an option for it!

    Enough ranting. BUY IT!

  6.  Absolutely Un-fricken-believable.


    Such a brilliant game! i played it first at Reading Festival as they had a Ubisoft stand set up and I wasn't TOO impressed by it. However, I then proceeded to play it for like 7 hours non stop the day I opened it. It's quite literally fantastic. Don't listen to the bad reviews. . . If you love FPS's and blowing people up etc, it's for YOU.

    Best bit so far was right near the beginning after clearing a farm house of a machine gun team and then proceeding to the next section which is a huge field with hay bales and a German team of about 15 guys walks down the path but don't see you until you let rip with the MG42 blowing them literally to pieces. . . . Bad use of vocabulary i know but BUY THIS GAME.

  7.  Absolutely unbelievable


    At first I didn't think much of it over their previous album but as soon as it ended i let it run through again from track 1 and have only taken it out once to listen to As I Lay Dying but then when that was finished, i put it straight back in. I've listened to it probably about 15 times. BUY THIS ALBUM/