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  1.  BY FAR THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    When i switch on cod 5 i know that i m going to do something great if its the campaign,zombies or multiplayer they all get a 10+ the campaign takes you to the last days of world war 2 were youll be playing as an american and as a russian the zombie mode is by far the greatest invention for the cod series multiplayer is still the same great an fun so dont waste any time just buy it

  2.  Worth IT


    Well the graphics are nothing special but the gameplay is great for all bond fans from the first one they added car chases boat chases and its 3 rd person for its quite short but for 18 euro its a great bargain

  3.  THE POWER OF THE FORCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    if youre a star wars fan this is the best game there is around i love the first mission when you play as Darth Vader and the force powers in the game are epic not to mention the light saber and you can choose which colour to make yours I'm happy i bought it cause its a great package and worth it

  4.  EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well GTA has come a long way its what i call everything you are going to steal banks and destroy hotels and construction sites another thing that rockstar nail is the characters Nico,Roman,Little Jacob and Pakie i think they are the best in all the games of PS3 if you dont have grand theft auto 4 its like you dont know what a great game is

  5.  UNCARTED 2 among thieves


    When I got the PS3 the first game i got was uncharted 1 then when i got to know that the second one was coming out i freaked out it has the best graphics i have ever seen its quite long and it puts you on trains in jungles on mountains in snow and the puzzles are really good the fighting and stealth parts are amazing and the shooting is epic so do yourself a favour and buy it

  6.  ROCKSTARS MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    read dead redemption is very familiar to anyone who has played GTA and if you liked GTA your'e going to love red dead redemption the world of the wild west and movement of the horses its like your'e really there and besides the main story you have a whole new story for example the stranger tasks it has a great story an you'll meet some cool characters on the way it has some good shooting missions great gob rockstar for making the best western game

  7.  very good but


    AC BROTHERHOOD is a great continuation of Assassin's Creed 2 but the only new things are grater battle sequence and the rest is exactly the same i thought ubisoft would have changed much more.After a few missions i became bored bored playing it so if its your first AC buy it because you'll enjoy it for those who played the other 2 think about it

  8.  Best COD ever !!!!!!!


    Black ops is the best call of duty i ever played i was a bit disappointed with modern warfare 2 but black ops is the best 1st person shooter i have played the zombies are really good the campaign has excellent presentation and amazing locations and the multiplayer is great treyarch and activision have made the best COD in my opinion

  9. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    6 New from  €18.10  Free delivery

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     amazing game


    mafia 2 puts you in the shoes of Vito Scaletta and taking you to the fourtys and fiftys pulling of great mafia jobs and on the way you meet great characters amazing cars and it has a really good story i was always curious what was going to happen in the next cutscene last but not least the guns are really authentic on the whole 2k made one of the greatest games for ps3