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  1.  not the best sim


    the 1st thing i noticed when i brought this game was the back of the box which read. the best racing sim in the business. ITS NOT.
    graphics are average for a start but that does not bother me as im more into gameplay. im on my 3rd season doing 50% races and im already bored of it. the AI are idiots mainly back markers. the pit crew are useless in wet conditions its like they have gone to sleep.
    split screen championship there is no practice or quali which is really annoying when you have a mate round who does not known the tracks very well.
    but the main thing that ticked me off about this game was that you have to use a access code to play online which is fine if your the one buying the game from new which i did. but when it comes to selling it its worth nothing as the access code costs 7 pound to buy. and that to me is a rip off.
    i would of given it 3 stars but for that.
    GT5 is still the best racing sim out there.
    if your going to buy this dont buy 2nd hand

  2.  poor


    had this about a week and it gets tedious after a few hrs. the training part has been ripped off from UFC and its still got very old boxers in it Ali and so forth wheres kessler or froch? instead they put in taylor and manfredo jr anyone not familar with the boxing world these are to very poor boxers. this game just doesnt feel new. give it up EA

  3.  in my top 3 games


    i got this on release and i still play it now. for me the online coop is the best part of this game. at this price this game is a bargain buy it b4 its too late

  4.  try the demo first


    if your going to buy this do not buy a steering wheel just for this game



    1st of this is a driving simulator so if your into car games where you hardly use the brake dont bother
    the graphics are awesome i love the behind the steering wheel view the dashboards looks fantastic and the crowd and scenery looks brilliant aswell.

    gameplay as always is abit slow at 1st doing all the licenses and getting a decent car but it justs gets better and better personally i quite like the gokarting

    and im not quite sure why ppl are saying the veyron isnt on it cos it is u just have to unlock it

    all in all there is no other driving game out there like it 5/5