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  1.  What a shame!


    Seriously, this game had the making of being a classic. It has been let down by some very simple mistakes. It was just as playable as some of the other hitmans apart from some absurd featuers that have been added in. For example, the terrible fight controls when agent 47 is in a bar fight. This means that on the harder levels you can be killed by three punches to the face while surviving 10 rounds of pistol fire. Strange to say the least. Whoever added this aspect to the game should be strung up by the balls with agent 47s fiber wire. Another, and probably gravest flaw is that the disguise system is 90% useless. Even if you are completely covered in full body armour with complete head gear and face mask, enemies wearing the same outfit can spot you!! Completely ridiculous and this ruins the game. Enemies spot you easier in a disguise than if you and somersaulting about and jumping over walls in your black italian suit. In conclusion, this game should not be called hitman but rather Terminator vs James Bond vs Predator vs Robocop. You are not really an assassin anymore but a soldier sent in to fight and kill literally thousands of guards, cops and mercenaries. Plus they are all armed to the teeth and seem to be able to smell you a mile away. In conclusion I would just like to ask one question " Why oh why dont these game producers talk to game players before making such fatal mistakes?"

  2.  Diabolical!!!


    There are some seriously bad games out for the 360 but i must say this is one of the worst. Remember the first Duke Nukem?? Where he lands out of a spacecraft and immediatly can start blastin aliens?? Well, this game has nothing to do with that . I have just wasted 30 mins of my life drivin around in a crappy little car in a vain attempt to get to the real action. If Id have wanted a drivin game I would have bought a remote controlled car. The only thing this game has in common with the old duke is the excruciatingly poor graphics but hey, the other game was made in 1995!! Stay well away from this game. Seriously. Check out Crysis 2 or Borderlands. Both infinitely better than this poor excuse for a video game. If any of the producers had been in the same room as me when i was playing this I would have beaten them the death with the controller.

  3.  Am I playing the right game???


    Well, it says on the box gears of war and also on the disc itself but this weak attempt seriously cannot be the game that i have heard people raving about for so long. I would really like to ask the other people who have given this game such good reviews if they have ever played BLACK on the xbox or even Halo 1 which is almost 5 years old now. Both of these games are far superior to GOW. As somebody who has been a fan of shoot em ups for 15 years I was amazed at how the gameplay is so weak even in comparison to goldeneye on the nintendo 64 and even further back than that Duke Nukem on the PC. THOSE were games with real playability. Graphics are ok but nothing special. I think the main problem is that you are controlling a clumsy oaf who likes to slam into walls and do forward rolls with the elegance of a hippo. I had to try and force myself to play it just to give it a try but it never got any better. I found myself plugging in my old x box after a very short period of time and playing a real game like Hitman, Blood Money. This game has the advantage that you can actually control the person in the game. This tends to help when people are attacking you with machine guns. As an older gamer I feel sorry for the younger generation who have never experienced real gameplay. If this game is supposed to be one of the best there is, it is a sorry state of gaming indeed.