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  1.  the best war film made


    How anyone could give this film anything less than 5 stars staggers me. It is poetic, beautiful, emotionally charged, brilliantly acted, as well as full of some truly amazing battle scenes. You can smell the sweat and put yourself in the shoes of these soldiers more than any other war film. there are 'big' themes: , man vs. nature, man's role in the world, futility of war, religion..existential stuff- but none of it overshadows what is an AMAZING film that should have won every Oscar going.. if I could, I'd give it 6 stars.

  2.  Not your average monster movie- and better for it


    This film is incredible. if you're expecting Cloverfield 2 then you won't get much out of this. It needs to be watched with an open mind as a character driven road movie, that just happens to have monsters in it. The fact that it is slower than your average blockbuster is a plus- you get to take in the amazing landscapes and watch the characters develop. And not only does it deliver incredible performances, amazing locations and brilliant direction, the monsters are superb. This is the anti-blockbuster film for people who want a bit more intelligence and thought behind the camera. Gareth Edwards has managed to take a teeny budget and make this film look like a $100 million. Buy it, tell everyone about it. It's brilliant.

  3.  Better than Toy Story 3?!


    I didn't think this was going to be that good, but a friend told me how amazing it was and after watching it 3 times, I agree that it is brilliant. The story, animation and character development is excellent. The dragon is great too- you can see the influence of Lilo and Stitch on it- loveable, friendly and unlike any dragon I've seen on film. beats Dragonheart, for sure... and don't be put off by the slightly dodgy title, it is so much better! And yes, i think it could be better than Toy Story 3...