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  1.  dont listen to critics


    Some games make a mockery of the critics. This is one of them. Brilliant game, great graphics and cinematic tie ins. And for this price!!! You cant go wrong!

  2.  Not good


    If, like me, you have both the playstation3 and xbox360 consoles be prepared for dissapointment with this.....I've owned and played the xbox simulator forza3. When i purchased gt5 i expected great things. I was wrong. GT5 is a very frustrating game. Once you start to climb higher through the game you come really unstuck. Its near impossible to progress past level 21 on Bspec and 17 on Aspec. i got so fed up trying to complete the same races over and over and over!!! For me its about realistic racing and the graphics and sound can come second ,but you feel the GT5 guys put all the effort into sound and graphics (which are stunning) and forgot about the most important thing. The reason why people buy these games. The racing!! An old standard rs6 faster than a fully modded new rs6????? do me a favour!!! In a nutshell i sold it a while back......Its not been missed.

  3.  a good buy


    what makes this game worth buying ,for me, is the battle mode and the online gaming. I feel the actual "game" is quite boring ,but seems to be much better in other modes and far more entertianing. The controls are very easy to use, the graphics ,sound are good and the game play in the modes i mentioned are very addictive and different each time
    you play......very clever Ai. Just one more point though...in the pre release video it shows the guy controlling battle ships etc.....you cant.....so why show them being controlled in the video?. Still overall a very good game..maybe ruse 2 will have ships!!



    This film is the best i have ever seen.... Bar none!.. It's one of those films that will endure for decades to come........simply stunning. I cant wait for the dvd!!!

  5.  wow!!!


    Ive just downloaded the demo and............wow!! It looks and plays amazing. If the full game is even half as good.......well need i say more?? Im so gald i preordered this game way back!! Cant wait! Simply cant wait!! Oh and the xbox steering wheel is a must!!

  6.  Amazing!!!


    What a brilliant piece of kit!! The price is high but you pay for what you get. And what you get is total quality. I found the feedback a little too restrictive so ive knocked it down to 50% and im lovin every minute. Even the pedals (yes it has pedals too) look and feel top quality. Forza 2 feels like a different game now! Get one.... You wont regret it!!!