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  1.  Brilliant little camcorder


    Great Little micro camcorder for sporting activities or for recording on the go in your vehicle, such as 4x4 greenlining. Obviously there's no display so it's a little tricky to get the camera at the right angle but the second time I used it I got it aligned perfectly!.. the battery life is only 3 hrs of recording (if it runs out and it's still recording it will not finalise the clip and you will loose everything in that recording session, so remember to stop and start the recording every now and again, but for the price I can't complain!

    Ideal for paintball (that's what I use it for), although I need to sort out some sort of waterproofing case as the Muvi waterproof case is absolutely rubbish, I have received two off play and both case catches have broken just by simply inserting the camera into the case! avoid the waterproof case! however I strongly recommend the Extreme Sports Pack! for 5 quid its ideal, considering I paid three times more for the package when I bought mine., next day the price went down.. thanks for that play.com!!

    Great little camera with lots of uses.- Only down side is the audio is not fantastic but for the size I can't grumble!

  2.  Cool!


    This device does exactly what it is supposed to do!.
    Powered using a standard USB slot (so it will take one USB port on your laptop), but its worth it!, this little device can help prevent your laptop from over heating which can be a factor most people simply over look!

    Over heating can result in reduced life span of hardware, as well as the computer locking up/freezing, as well as causing other software/hardware glitches. For the money I personally think this is a brilliant item! I would recommend this device to anyone who uses a laptop for a lengthy amount of time!

  3.  Great piece of kit!


    Great Value!
    Easy to set up
    Easy to use
    Works within Minutes!
    Such an easy and simple way to get wireless internet on your computer/laptop! - And for the price is definitely worth it! It's not one of the fastest devices out on the market but its does the job (not slow and awkward)!!

  4.  Great little device!


    This little flash memory device is just brilliant, a large sized storage device which is robust, and easy to use, at a bargain price!! What more can you ask for! Highly recommended!

  5.  Brilliant!


    This album has some catchy songs! 'All i ever wanted' and 'Now your Gone' are fantastic!, few other good songs but there are a couple of the extra featured songs which i don't like! (remixed stuff is not my taste). You'l either love it or hate it!.

  6.  Spocktacular Design!


    I was searching for a new bottle opener and thankfully I came across this little beauty!, Solid, easy to use, and one of the most unusual designs I have seen in a long time, I just had to have it! .. You will have a hard time finding this item at a lower price! - Also comes in a nice designed packaging box too!

    "Its continuing mission: To seek out new bottle tops, and new types of beers. To boldly go were no bottle opener has gone before!"

  7.  Good case!


    Stops the device from becoming scratched, easy access to use the buttons on your Zen, comes with a little flip out stand at the back to prop it up on a flat surface.

    Thankfully mine was OK, my Zen fitted nicely without any issues, although personally I would not trust hanging the device without it being in my pocket of somewhere safer, I just don't trust the little leather strap, seems strong enough though!

    Just wish they had made a pin sized hole where the reset button is, as to rest the device you need to remove the back of the case - very minor issue though!

    "All in all it's a good case and worth the money!"

  8.  Fantastic Keyboard!


    The Saitek Eclipse 2 (II) Keyboard is an outstanding keyboard, just like its predecessor the Eclipse 1, I decided to purchase the Saitek Eclipse II to upgrade (basic media controls now included which the Saitek I lacked, and for the fancy lights which you can change colour with a simple press of a button).

    I am pleased to say it was a good decision and this keyboard has never missed a beat when using for office work and when playing pc games! The keys are soft to touch and unlike some other keyboards I have used, it does not miss a letter! Great for gaming (slightly heavy keyboard with thick rubber pads so it does not slip around the desk and the wrist rest is easily detachable, also there are no 'power down' buttons to accidentally hit whilst playing games!!)

    The keyboard does not come in a wireless version, but to me I don't really see the point as they are fiddly devices which can cause and be prone to interference, and such devices require recharging or new batteries on a regular basis which to me is just a pain!

    In fact I was so impressed with the 'Saitek Eclipse II' Keyboard, I purchased another for my friend for Christmas! Give it a try, I took the chance and I am glad I did!