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  1.  Good Game, well worth the money.


    First off this is not 100% simulation or 100% arcade. It is a good mix of both. I originally had this game on the original xbox, liked it then and like it now. The game is quite addictive once you get past the first few missions (which are still good just quite easy). The only downside is some missions which you have to take pictures, you can find yourself getting frustrated at the boredom of wondering around trying to acheive the objective. However, this is only a minor blimp in an otherwise great game. I recommend this game for anyone, starts easy and becomes progressively harder as your skill will develop to handle it though. At this price its a bargin and if you don't buy an try then its a waste.

  2.  5 Stars


    Firstly, If you are looking for an all action, non-stop thriller then look elsewhere because this probably isn't the film for you. However, this is an informative and extremely interesting depiction of the man behind the myth.
    The film is beautifully shot, yes there are long parts of this film which involve little action. However, if you are interested in the political background and moral background of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara then you should watch this. The action is simplistic and rough which probably best describes the rebels of the july 26 movement.
    Overall, if you are looking for an all out action film look elsewhere because this film is for those with some outline of the history and are interested in the political back drop of the film. 5/5

  3.  Absolutely Amazing, Buy it NOW!!!!!


    Brilliant. Filled to the brim with quality tracks, which never get old. With 30 tracks its well worth the money. On the first listen you will instantly fall in love with RAMONES their awesome. BUY IT or you WILL regret it.

  4.  Great Songs!!!!!


    I had been wondering whether or not I should buy this CD or not but I'm glad I bought it. At 3.99 it's a bargain. The songs are brilliant, each one offering something different. Some of my personnel favourites of this album are Tell Me, Made of Stone, She bangs the Drum, I wanna be adored and Fool's Gold. However the great songs are not limited their as I think that this Best Of album has something included which is suitable for anyone and I think it would be a great shame if you didn't buy this at 3.99. Buy it!

  5.  Brilliant!


    This album is great and includes such great tracks such as dani california, snow, hump de bump and readymade are some of my favourites but there is something for anyone in this 2cd album. You're sure to love this album. It's a shame John Frusciante has left the rhcp but his solo work is amazing.

  6.  should be part of any cd collection


    This best of album includes many great track including but not limited to the following: i wanna be your dog, search and destroy, no fun, gimme danger, lust for life and the pasenger. These tracks are brilliant and you have probably heard these tracks before somewhere. I believe that anyone should buy this cd because even if you don't like punk rock in general this cd includes catchy songs which I'm sure antone would enjoy.

  7.  Finally!!!!!!! :D


    Brilliant. I'm a fan of most car games such as PGR 4 and Forza etc. These games were always great at first but lost there intial appeal after awhile. F1 2010 is great it starts you out on one ofthe lower teams and you work your way to gain reputation. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is second to none. Even with the easy setting the game is a challenge at first which is just what I wanted. When you get used to the controls it your preformances start improving and this game becomes really fun. Even when you get used to the controls the challenge is still there. The detail is amazingfrom interviews to agents this game is as close to the sport as possible. Fantastic, great for anyone, would highly recommend this game. BUY IT NOW OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.

  8.  A MUST buy!


    I am a big Led Zeppelin fan and I received this live dvd as a xmas present and its great! The footage from this shows is very clear especially the footage from madison square gardens. This is a must have for any REAL Led Zep fan. This dvd features the full depth of Led Zeppelin with heavier songs such as The Immigrant Song and acoustic songs such as Thats The Way and Going To California. Great I really enjoyed this great for any Led Zeppelin.

  9.  Good Game


    I don't usually go for FPS games as they can be quite challenging however I thought I would try COD WAW to see what the fuss was about. Anyway the game jumps straight into the action and after 20 minutes of playing the game I was taken aback by how addictive this game is. This game is beginner friendly and each mission offers new and challenging tasks for you to complete.I would recommend this game to absolulutely anyone. However this game is quite short and I wish it was longer as this was one of the only flaws with this game.

  10.  Carried of where one and two left off.


    This is hilarious. Crude, rude and witty this is brilliant the best comedy for the past 5 years and more! Buy it NOW or you will definately regret it!