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  1.  Top notch


    Best headset I've used for gaming.
    Sounds great, can easily tell where other people are in fps games and the likes.
    Extremely comfortable with them completely surrounding your ears.

  2.  No English Audio


    Although this says it has both Jap and Eng audio, on the back of the case and here, there is no English....

  3.  Based on Demo


    C'mon, two minutes in, the game had you klling Death!
    I rarely buy console games but the demo of this interested me. Lots of hacking and slashing groups of enemies and big boss enemies with lots of different combos and abilities.
    Two different 'talent trees', dark and light. Basically destroying souls or saving them as you slay the enemies gives you points to one or the other.
    Similar to DMC and GoW as people have said. Very fun.
    The right stick making you evade rather than turn camera around annoyed me though :P

  4.  Based on demo


    I seem to be one of the only people who though 4 the worst of the series. Having said that, I still completed and enjoyed it.
    From what I've played of RE5, I'm blown away. Graphics are awsome, sure but they don't make a game for me. In this it's the multiplayer which does it for me. An actual coop team work based resident evil game. Just what I've always dreamed of.
    I've played through the demo many times but never alone so can't say much for the single player experience.
    The controls stay true to the previous installments, stoppping to shoot and all that stuff. Makes it feel RE.
    One thing I despised from RE4 was that pleb who sold you guns and stuff. Since I seem to be collecting money in RE5, I assume some for of annoyance for me will return. But even that won't take anything from my 5 stars if the rest is as good as the demo.