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  1.  Doesn't work


    I guess maybe it just needs to be set up differently, but my room is too small for the Kinect to work normally, and this hasn't helped at all.

  2.  How is this game still in the top sellers???


    Don't get me wrong, I like the COD games. But not this one.

    From the start I found it repetitive, frustrating, irritating and just plain annoying.

    The cut scenes are intrusive to the gameplay, which at times is confused and cluttered.

    Maybe war is like that. I suppose it's not all clean and nice, but really, this just doesn't flow. The story line has the gameplay jumping around all over the place and you never quite feel engaged with the characters involved.

    OK, so you think the strength of COD is in the multiplayer? Maybe so, but I found the single player experience so bad that I just couldn't bring myself to find out.

    It's a shame that this game will keep selling well because there are people out there who are blinded to the problems by the shiny COD branding.. Its a shame that a great franchise has been tarnished by this weak offering, and it's a shame I spent my money on it in the first place...

  3.  Good, but not great


    This is a great looking game, there is no doubt about it. If you enjoy driving around in nice looking locations, collecting cars, houses and clothes, then this will be good for you.

    If you enjoy a fully realistic driving experience, it might not. Car handling has some issues, although if you work at it, you can get used to the arcade driving style.

    However, the major issue is whether the publisher can make the servers run smoothly. Launch day, everything fell apart and the game wouldn't even load if you were connected to the net. Hopefully this won't happen again, but the mere possibility might be enough to put you off.

  4.  Great, but flawed


    This switch box really is a great idea and works very well. Limited by not having hdmi, but we can't have everything I suppose...

    However I have noticed that where I've positioned it, next to my Wii, there is some serious interference from the wifi connection in the Wii when using the internet channel. Seems like Joytech have skimped on the internal shielding.

    Other than that, great!



    Bought this thinking that I needed some insurance against overheating. Plugged it into a working 360, got 3 red lights and no boot up. Took it off, back to normal. Put it on again and same problem.

    I wouldn't sell one of these to my worst enemy, bad build quality!

    If I could have selected 0 stars, I would!