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  1.  Love it...but i havent got anything to compare it to


    Now i only recently got an Xbox and this was one of the first games i played, and i have to say i absolutly love it! I found (still do) it incredably addictive and have stayed up half of the night playing it. The gameplay and grafics are incredable and overall think its an amazing game.
    However there is a reason why some of the older Xbox gamers might disagree is because i have never played on Modern Warfare 2 so i dont really know if it is any good compared to other COD games, but for me this is the best game ive played on Xbox so far and would highly recomend it to new gamers aswell.

  2. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11

    Nintendo Wii

    8 New from  £6.27  Free delivery

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     Same old...


    I wasnt exactly expecting much when i brought this game as i thought that Fifa 09 was a poor game(which was the reason for not buying Fifa 10) aswell. But i thought i would give them one last chance to impress, and guess what they havent.
    Firstly they seemed to have changed the manager modes money type to stars and transfer points this means that even if you are in League 1 you can sell a couple of you rubbish players and then can afford Ronaldo or Messi, which just isnt realistic.
    Also the online mode is terrible as all the game seems to be way to jolty- this cant be my connection however because i play other Wii games online and everything seems fine. Also there is a new feature where you can do Streets to Stadiums where you start playing street games and try and make your way upto the big time. This a nice feature but its way to easy (even on hard mode) as after 2 seasons you are playing in the premier league.
    The only reason i didnt give this game a 1 star becuase i sort of think that the graphics have improved a little (even for the Wii there not bad). But i do feel that this is probably the last Fifa game i buy for a while.