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  1.  Play it, play it now.


    I haven't played any of the previous Marvel Vs games so i've no idea how much it differs from the previous titles but this one is a keeper. Fantastic multiplayer for any beat em up fan with a ton to unlock and incredible replay value! No fight will be the same. I can't recommend it enough.

  2.  Fantastic read for anyone who likes the series


    The Devils Graveyard is a prequel to the Anonymous authors 2 previous books, The Book With No Name and The Eye of the Moon, and follows several familiar characters through an X Factor spoof plot. If you are a fan of 2 previous books and enjoy the style then I can't recommend this book enough, its got all the attitude, violence and Bourbon Kid badass-ness you'd expect and stays faithful to the series.
    If you're fresh to the series then I recommend going back and reading the other books before this as you'll enjoy the references and characters far more.
    This is a definitely a book you'll be forcing your friends to read, just as I have!

  3.  Fantastic.


    I've had this camera for several months now and it is definitly the best i've owned. I've only used it for amateur pictures of just friends, landscapes etc and the quality has been brilliant. Very sharp and little blur. BUT. And this is a big but, to get a decent picture with this camera you have to hold down the button slightly first before you completly depress it so it can properly focus. I can only imagine that is the reason behind Deafndumb's poor review, i made the same mistake and many other people will too, this also has the drawback of not being very good for snapshots when you are moving around a lot (eg if your dancing in a club) this causes the camera to incorrectly focus and without a flash you won't get much of a picture. But that aside, this is a brilliant camera, great picture and video quality, long battery life and has lots of nice features (the colour filter is especially nice for easy artsy photo's). I would recommend to anyone.
    Also this camera is one of the few models that you can quite easily hack, this means you can change pretty much every aspect of the picture (i've no idea what half the settings are but anyone who knows their photography should find it fun!).