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  1.  coulda so easy of been 5 stars


    1st of all wow what a great game got straight into single player love it
    but then i thought id give online a look errrm 2gb yes 2gb update needed so i have 2 choices dont play online or go buy another memory card just to be able to play this online

    come on sony sort it out
    how can you have a 2gb update needed on launch of game
    says one thing really from day one the game has big problems
    and this is with just a game
    dread to think what problems ps4 is going to have
    p.s this is from a sony fan
    an unhappy sony fan

  2.  how good is this


    i got this on a whim was a bit low so thought id just buy a game
    didnt really expect much from this but it is very good looks great plays as good and good storyline
    all i can say really is who needs ps4 when thay can still bring out wow factor games on ps3
    plus i just want a games machine not an entertament system
    i dont download games dont want to watch tv films via stream..dont really fancy buying all my ps3 games on download again just to play on ps4
    so i would say strip all the gimmick things out of ps4 i.e download games and play tv/films/surf the net//upload to youtube jump in and out of friends games.. take all that away just leave the games machine
    is it going to be so so much better than ps3 ?

  3.  love it


    i think this is a great game
    people say its a poor mortal combat clone
    i dont think so but even better for me as i hate the mortal combat universe.. but love the dc one so thumbs up from me anyway

  4.  wow


    thats all i can say is wow
    plays brill looks brill is brill
    what a game
    all the talk is about ps4 at the mo but this shows still plenty of life left in ps3. to tell the truth when im playing this i cant see what can be done any better
    a must must have game

  5.  great


    ok so its not the best game out there
    but then again there are a lot lot worse belive me
    i really enjoy playing this
    if you like the film you will love the storyline to this

  6.  great machine just 1 small problem


    this is a great machine really do like it but...
    i bought the basic model as i dont download much or films so i thought 8gb plenty for what i want
    but when i started it up i found out that out of the 8gb you only get 3gb to save onto and the size of some of the updates for games this will so go.. why say its an 8gb when you only get to use 3gb
    just be warned people 8gb doesnt mean 8gb storage

  7.  has the looks but no fire power


    well it had the chance to be a big game
    but it didnt make it
    it very buggy (that thay might fix in an update)
    but shouldnt need it for a game just come out

    make sure the thing works right before your release it
    a building blew up and there were parts of it just left floating in mid air
    jumped into a hole the game crashed had to reboot my ps3
    when useing sniper rifle atleast in one mission if you dont get a head shot you dont kill them or even hurt them.. oh and i keep shooting this bloke in the head but it wont die as im ment to shoot somebody else before i shoot him
    maybe an okish game with a few updates
    but thought this was going to give black ops 2 a run for its money

    oh well ea theres always next year

  8.  good and bad


    would of liked to give this more stars but i just cant
    looks nice and plays well
    cant fault that
    but after looking at the ps3 version and 360
    this should of been called batman 1 and a half
    as there are large chunks of the game missing next to the ps3 and 360 versions
    payed 32 pound for this feals like i was muged really
    took me 2 hrs 47 mins to complete the game
    so no value for money here
    its not just cut scenes that are missing there are chucks of gameplay aswell
    wish i bought ps3 version
    this doesnt even really use the things that the vita can do

    are all vita games that come out on consloe aswell going to be shorter versions

    as i said looks and play ok but then again this could of just been put to psp dont rip vita users off

    hope this helps

  9.  POOR BUT


    this is a very poor game to tell the truth
    but the storys are very very good
    and i can understand why others left one and two stars
    but i managed to buy the game for 15pounds so add a star
    under 20pounds 3 stars above 20pounds 2 stars
    there are a lot better games out there
    but to be fair there are worse games out there aswell
    hope this helps

  10.  coulda been great


    this is a good game but has been let down badly
    my the sonar rader thing
    i understand thay wanted to try something a bit differnt
    you did it not good
    go back to the old ways please

    take note of a famous saying
    if its not broke dont fix it
    maybe in an update you could just turn this function off