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  1.  Not so much 'horror'


    The film is more of a psychological thriller, brilliant acting, a basic but interesting plot, lots of surprises. Good film.

  2.  Nothing new


    The film has been compared to haloween and the texas chainsaw massacre, but it is no way near the originality they bought to us.
    Yes the gore is good fun, but the characters are annoying and boring and the predictable storyline is dull.

    For hilarious gore look no further, for a decent movie go elsewhere.

  3.  Give it a chance


    People seem to slate the film because of it's awful acting and amateur camera work, but it is an independent film created by 2 guys in just 1 week so it's hardly going to be high budget. And yes the actresses are quite awful, but if you give them a chance they get much better than at the start.

    The best part about the film is the sense of terror created by using a very amateur style of filming, and the way violence and bloodshed is suggested without really being shown.

    Keep an open mind and this is a very good film.

  4.  Great soundtrack from an awesome anime


    The CD contains all the tracks from the second gig of the anime, including the opening and closing music, and everything in between.
    For fans of the anime this is a top album, an ideal gift and collectors item.

  5.  Very serious and suspensefull anime


    A great series clearly aimed at adults, the plot line is good and the subject matter is serious. Some scenes are quite violent, but very well done to create suspense and the main character Yugo is great.

    Highly recommended and different anime.

  6.  Brilliant card


    Very fast and reliable, with a bargain price.
    If you are spending £100+ on a camera then spend decent money on a card, one like this gives very good performance whilst continuously shooting as it is extremely fast.

  7.  Good but the flash is not so great


    The detail the camera produces in pictures is brilliant, and the camera itself looks awesome with a solid build quality.

    However the flash is often too bright, making portrait shots look very amateur. Also the face detection technology seems to often produce blurred pictures.

    For more consistently good pictures I recommend a canon camera, but for general use the price for this samsung is very good.

  8.  The price is insane


    I bought this TV from new and it was 700 quid, the play.com price is so cheap it really is worth every penny.

    I mainly use it for my xbox 360, and the HDMI connection produces excellent results, with the screen being 32 inch everything looks stunning.

    DVDs look brilliant so I would assume any high def formats displayed at 720p would look incredible.

    For this price you cannot go wrong.

  9.  A little different, but still good


    This is a very strange album. It feels like there's no consistency in the style of metal it is; sometimes it seems like new age death metal like Slipknots other albums, and at other times the guitar solos seem quite 'old school'. Also I found the vocals in some songs to be quite a different experience to the usual slipknot, sometimes I expect they would be much to soft for hardcore fans. Certain songs make me feel somewhat shortchanged; because of these weak vocals they seem like little effort has been put into them. That said, the album isn't bad, but it's not amazing as I'd hoped, yet I will certainly be listening to it for a while. Slipknot are one of my favorite bands so I will naturally try enjoy this CD, but if you are a newcomer to their music the older albums are much better.

  10.  Brilliant quality


    Very durable wallet with a good ID pocket and nice design, also it is a lot more funky than typical leather wallets. Had mine for 6 months now and it's still in great shape, unlike leather wallets which tend to be stretched easily. And if it does get too battered then just send it back to ducti for a replacement!