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  1.  Must have for any star wars fan


    Bought this for my boyfriend for Xmas and he absolutely loves it. Superb quality, and comfortable.



    When I watched this in the cinema I thought there is nothing else these guys can do, they've done every stupid stunt, why bother paying to see.

    But it is PURE GENIUS - The Rocky, High Five and Electric Avenue are just three of the amazing ideas you can see. Loved every second of this film, plus if you're easily groced out there are three particularly terrible scenes which I thought would literally make me vomit - hardcore! (Do NOT eat during or before this movie.)

    If you ever watched the series and laughed, this is worth buying. Everyone left the theatre laughing!

  3.  Really worth a watch no matter how old


    If you like your Disney/ Pixar/ dreamworks animation this would fit nicely into your collection.

    It really is hilarious. I caught this on a flight home and laughed out loud all the way through (much to the annoyance of the other passengers!)

    It's great for kids but there are all those adult moments you can really appreciate. It's an unusual up to date animated movie - loved it!

  4.  LOVE IT!


    Just a brilliant 80's film, utterly ridiculous but utterly brilliant. It's right up there with 'Breakfast Club' from John Hughes.

    Anthony Michael Hall (Gary) is hilarious throughout (especially the bar scene), and Bill Paxton is a great older brother.

    This is a great gift for anyone who was a teenager in the 80's. I've bought it for my brother and sister as a stocking filler this year.

  5.  Genius


    I wasn't expecting much from this but I laughed out loud, cringed with disgust and was quite scared in moments. With Sam Raimi as the director the gore and cringe moments are totally expected and brilliant after seeing his evil dead series. It's a good little horror watch, especially if you enjoyed the evil dead series. I thought it was a good find!

  6.  Just Brilliant


    It is an old film, and I rolled my eyes when my brother handed it to me but it's just pure class!

    A blind butler and mute maid lead to some comedy genius moments as well as a massively well known cast (Peter Falk, Alec Guiness, Peter Sellers, Maggie Smith, David Niven and more...)

    There are really stupid gags as well as clever ones and it's a comedy that you really should see. (My favourite moments come from Peter Falk. )

    It's a must see for any comedy lover, it may well be from 1976 but it's really stood the test of time. Brilliant!

  7. Bolt



    23 New from  £5.48  Free delivery

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     Surpisingly good!


    A very funny idea and followed through well. Jokes for the kids but a good few slipped in for the adults aswell, so you don't get bored watching with the kids. Mittens is just brilliant - a sarky moody alley cat with an attitude. Also you may shed a tear - but they're good tears!

  8.  Brilliant


    Ok it is plush but it really does look quite freaky! It's life size and you can wrap it nicely around your face for maximum effect. I used mine as a halloween costume, just chucked a kaki boiler suit on and wrapped it around my face. Brilliant, it's sitting pride of place on the back of one of my sofas. Love it!

  9.  So worth it


    It's worth paying that much JUST to see the gag reels, they are just pure class. Genius!

  10.  Just LOVED it


    I thought being a girl I'd be offended or find the series crude, and as a result I avoided this series for as long as possible, however after people KEPT bugging me to watch it, I finally came across the final episode of series 2 and knew I had to watch them all. The box set is a bargain and these are well worth a watch!