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  1.  Average compared to the original


    Sorry to ruin it for most of you but this film is another hollywood remake. Therefore isn't the original masterpiece that all that hollywood hype made many believe.
    The original "infernal affairs" starred tony leung was released in 2002 and was followed by a prequel "infernal affairs 2" and a sequel "infernal affairs 3" both released in 2003.
    Having seen all 3 films first, i was interested to see how scorsese would handle it... And to be honest i was disappointed.
    I was hoping that the film would take the storyline to a new level, similar to reservoir dogs and city on fire. However this wasn't the case.
    The acting wasn't great, and some critical scenes were slightly rushed.
    My advice to anyone who has seen this film is to watch the infernal affairs trilogy, and if you haven't,,, watch both as the departed is worth watching.

  2.  One To Watch!


    From the very first scene you realise that you are watching something special. This film really does blow your mind.
    Ok I admit that the general storyline has been done a number of times by hollywood... however hollywood would never be able to pull it off in the same style.
    - and I do hope that they don't even try.
    If you want a film that will allow you to seat back, switch the brain off and enjoy... then this is the film for you.
    I love this film so much that I brought it on both standard and blu-ray DVD.

  3.  Decent Film


    I have to admit that having seen the adverts I went out and got this film straight on Blu-ray, as it seemed what I would deem a "Hi Def" film.
    Now that I have watched it I now wish that I had purchased it on standard DVD... in 6 months time (and saved some money). Ok the back drops are amazing, the story pretty good in parts and the acting isn't too bad either.
    What lets this film down is the bad directing, editing and most of all camera work... during one fight scene the cameras were moving all around and not actually showing anything, and before I knew it the scene had moved on.
    What I was hoping for was a film that would allow me to switch off and just enjoy, but what I got was something that left me fustrated.
    It seemed that this film fell victim to the '90min limit', as there were times where you felt additional or extending the scene would have been advantageous.
    Overall it was an average film... which is a shame as it had alot of potential.
    Oh and please be aware that this film requires the latest firmware updates on your blu-ray player

  4.  Is a must...


    I had this machine since Christmas, and its been a great piece of kit. Ok, start up time is a little slower than my previous DVD players, but the quality of the picture & sound make up for it.
    Sony sent me Spiderman & POTC box sets in the post within a matter of weeks, which makes the cost of this player seem even cheaper.
    Now that the war is over I expect to see alot more titles moving over from HD-DVD, and the price of Blu ray discs falling.
    The only downside is its hard to watch films on standard players.