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  1.  Extremely slow drive


    I use a heapload of USB drives, and know that speed can vary quite a bit, but this is by far the slowest flash drive I have ever had the misfortune to use. It takes an age even to transfer a single 500MB file, goodness knows how long it would take if you ever tried to fill it to capacity. I've stopped using it now, just keep a rarely used backup on it for emergency purposes

  2.  Awful audio quality


    I also bought these in the big sale, but even at a massive discount these are overpriced garbage. The build quality is awful, the buds are uncomfortable, the 'gold' colour of the cable is incredibly gaudy, but most importantly the audio quality is terrible. I've had better sound output from 2.99 supermarket earphones. Out of the box the left earphone had intermittent static every three seconds for no apparent reason.

  3.  Excellent backup battery


    Can use it to run your iphone/ipod touch for those crucial couple of extra hours, or just use it to charge your phone if you are not near a plug point and want to give it a top-up before you go out.

    Only negatives are that it doesn't hold its own charge for very long - it's not like you can just charge it and then leave it in a cupboard drawer until you need it. It self-discharges fairly quickly, if you haven't charged it within the last few days you will need to juice it up again.

    Also, it uses the microusb interface to charge - same as kindles and most non-Apple smartphones these days so you've probably got a spare charger at home

  4.  Good value


    These aren't so slow, read and write speeds are if anything a little higher than the usual Play-branded USB drives. The main point of buying this product though is the size - they are absolutely tiny. No bigger than your thumb in area, and as thin as two credit cards. Extremely portable, although you probably wouldn't want to put it on your keychain due to its fragility and lack of protection - better to slip it into your wallet.

  5.  Not compatible with USB


    This keyboard only works with a PS/2 keyboard port, which these days most laptops and computers do not have. It will not work with a PS/2 to USB adaptor.

  6.  Nice while it lasted...


    Only had it three months. Was reasonably pleased with it at first, transfer rates were decent. But now it's died, with no apparent reason. Tried all the usual methods to revive it, no joy. Ah well, at this price you can't really complain.

  7.  Works well with Linux


    Works flawlessly with Linux, recognized and configured automatically out of the box in Ubuntu (8.10) without needing to fiddle about or install drivers - just enter your wireless security key if needed and you're off.

    Only gripe is that for a card like this, which has an external antenna, I'd expect better reception - it's only getting 2 bars when the router is in the next room - doesn't affect the speed or stability of the connection, but if I was further away it might be an issue.

  8.  A bit pointless


    The zen stone plus is a great player, but there seems to be little point in getting the 4GB version. The battery only lasts for a few hours, certainly not enough to play even 1GB of music. And because there is no removable battery, you have to hook it up to a computer to recharge it. So you might as well change the music on it at the same time.

  9.  Don't listen to the haterz


    Don't listen to the noobs that have tried to use this card in a 5 year old camera and then complain that it is not compatible. This is an SDHC card,look it up on wikipedia if you don't know what that means. If your camera only takes the older SD cards, then it won't be compatible. That's no fault of play.com or this card.

    Great value.

  10.  Excellent wee player


    Just remember to download the latest firmware on the Creative website to solve the battery life issues.