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  1.  Short, But Entertaining


    Metal Gear Rising probably throws in a new feel to Hack and Slash games. The game is set a few years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, and brings back Raiden as the main protagonist in a new cyborg body.

    Quinton Flynn returns his voice as Raiden, the child soldier grown into a self-taught cyborg ninja, with deadly and efficient accuracy.
    After the Sons of the Patriots system, he provides money for his wife and child by working with Maverick Security Consulting, Inc - A PMC and security company that was dispatched to a developing country to help repair the country after a civil war in 2018.

    During his bodyguard job of N'Mani, the country's strong and kind Prime Minister their escort is brought to a halt when it is suddenly attacked by a cyborg by the name of "Jetstream Sam", and an infantry force hired by a PMC called Desperado.

    Raiden rushes into the battle to protect the Prime Minister by fighting off the cyborg force. The limo ends up in danger, and N'Mani is taken before Raiden's very eyes by a cyborg called "Sundowner" of the Winds of Destruction. As he goes to try and take him back, he is forced to fight a customized Metal Gear RAY model. After defeating it, Raiden chases after Sundowner and ends up on a moving train.

    Unable to save N'Mani from certain fate, he battles with Sam, who was waiting for him on the train. However, Sam defeats Raiden - Cutting out his left eye and left arm in the process, before escaping in a helicopter.

    Three weeks later, Raiden is sent to a factory with an all-new, powerful cyborg body that allows him to use the Zandatsu technique to take enemy's electrolytes to restore his body.

    That is where the real story begins...

    As the game progresses, you can obtain new weapons, sub-weapons, bodies and skills. You can undergo VR Training to get a great feel for the game, and can repeat chapters as you would like.

    As for only a four-star rating...
    The game is short. Any decent gamer can complete it in under five hours on normal. I completed it twice in eight. However, it has plenty of potential to be re-playable, and there is some DLC coming out soon, alongside the initial day-one DLC that allowed you to download Raiden's MGS4 body.

    The system of 'Cut-And-Take' is excellent in my opinion, being able to from any direction, in any way, and cut apart nearly any object or person.

    The story isn't worth much compared to the other Metal Gears, but it's interesting to hear about Raiden's past, and how cyborg technology works and the such.

    Keep in mind that this is NOT Metal Gear -Solid-. It is Metal Gear -Rising.- It is a different game, following the same universe.

    If you're a Metal Gear fan, there's no harm in picking this up, although you may want to consider waiting until the price drops a bit. Either way, it is certainly enjoyable. I don't regret the purchase, and I'm likely to keep it a long while longer, yet.