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  1.  Bland gamplay and Poor graphics left me cold....


    First off,I have not and will never play the Multiplayer....just doest interest me...and i still refuse to pay money for the privilege.

    Big fan of FPS and long engaging single player campaigns...Halo 3 unfortunately let me down with a 5/6 hour single player experience. I liked Halo 1, good but repetitive... with Halo 2 a nice improvement.

    Halo 3 graphically is poor! The characters look like PS2 era meat puppets with poor lip sinc and dodgy facial movements. This was meant to be the best the 360 could offer at the time and its is immediately eclipsed by Bioshock, COD4, Gears...even the ageing Halflife 2 stands above it. Bungie have basically taken a step back.

    Dont get me wrong this is still an ok looking game,especially in terms of scale and weapons effects. But I was expecting something that would stand up to Killzone 2 not struggle against its predecessor Halo 2.

    Gameplay is exacly the sameasthe past games. At least Killzone,Bioshcok,Battlefield,COD (the list goes on) inovate with each new game. New Guns and Vehickles dont equal a new game BUNGIE!!!

    And finally,my biggest gripe with Halo 3....the game was just never exciting....the scarab fights felt formulatic, the plot just a Halo 1 and 2 redux, I just never felt the game even tries to take me by the balls and get my blood pumping....something all the above games I have mentioned succeeded in....including the first 2 Halo's

    Sorry guys...it just not that good a game.

  2.  Great Fun at short range : )


    Got one of these from work months back, great fun but no accuracy at anything over 8 feet. The darts are specialised so you cant use any from other guns.

    But overall great for drunken gun fights on friday nights.

  3.  Short Intro to the world of ZOE


    A brief t little anime that has some nice ideas and loverly mecha. If you've played the games then this is a nice prescursor to how those events came to pass. The follow on series Delores i is pretty good too.

    Fast Paced Mecha Action B+

  4.  Worst Gundam Series Ever....


    Indeed this is the worst gundam series ever, its prequal SEED was ok but got steadily worse and more and more Emo. This picks up from the end of Seed and adds more Emo's, dull charcter designs and god awful over-powerd ugly mecha.

    If your looking for a good Gundam series turn to the classics like the origional 0079, Zeta, 8th MS Team, 0080, 0083, Turn A, V Gundam, X or even Wing cos its a lot better than this CGI infested poorly animated Emo love affair.

    Or just go find the new Gundam 00 much better... Avoid this LIKE THE PLAGUE or pack of Emo's in a club.