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  1.  I honestly love it.


    It's a shame that we've come so far. Not just in the story but also the game play and graphics. We originally started out as the Sam Fisher we all know and love, the Splinter Cell Agent working for the NSA and ended up with Sam Fisher, a felon on the run looking to find some answers.

    The game itself is fantastic, its got a whole new take on splinter cell, one many fans will be pleased with, some maybe not so pleased with.
    I originally liked snooping around buildings, planting the occasional wall mine, whistling and then giggling to myself as a guard runs into the room sets off the wall mine etc etc.

    It was all good fun. Conviction offers so much more than the cheap thrills of a wall mine attack, you can hang off ledges and pull people through a window, you can interrogate people using the environment (my particular favourite is throwing someone through a toilet door and having a little man on the other side of that cubicle cowering as he watches you unleash the fury of Sam Fisher.)

    I honestly could play this game all day long, but I have a life so save it for the evenings instead. The story mode is gripping, I am currently beginning the Co-op mode and enjoying that, its a fantastic finish (possibly? will they make a new one?) to a series, which is a shame because its such a great game. I loved the original splinter cell and chaos theory but this is by far my favourite.

    Double agent was too similar to chaos theory and way too dark, this game is dark but you can at least see what you are doing. It's no where near as tedious either, with the option to swap and upgrade weapons being for me, the biggest motivator.

    I love it, its the reason I bought an xbox (despite having a playstation 3) and I haven't looked back since. For such a cheap price its well worth a look in as well.