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  1.  50/50


    The multiplayer is a better and more polished version of Gears 3 with a few button control changes and better servers online (it never lags unless if my connection is bad). It's quick and easy to level-up with 3 're-up' (prestiges) to go through. The new survival mode is also pretty fun and makes a good replacement for the horde mode which began to get boring.
    However, the main problem I have with this game is the campaign. I don't think I've ever enjoyed anything less (slight exaggeration). They've completely overcomplicated it with the addition of the stars that you earn based on your performance in the section (yep, chapters are now split into short sections) and the declassified missions, which is where my real problem is. The declassified missions are NOT fun (in my opinion), they're boring and teadious (especially on a higher difficulty) as some require you to run through the entire section in around 3 minutes or less and some only allow you to use certain weapons. They take away the 'fun aspect' and make it more 'arcade-y', which could be fun to some but it's not for me.

    Overall the series just isn't the same, the multiplayer is awesome but the campaign is a teadious mess that is no fun whatsoever.

  2.  The first one is ace!


    This 'classis hd' collection gives you three games, complete with individual trophie lists, including a platinum for each. The first Jak and Daxter is a brilliant game which has a unique blend of comedy, action and platforming and is an enjoyable game that you'll love to 'platinum', like myself. The other two games Jak 2 and Jak 3 are then incredabley unenjoyable as they're are more of a third person shooter/platformer genre. When using guns the feel and the loveable qualities of the first game are lost and overall ruin the series. I've given this four stars as the first is worth five but because of the other two games, which I'd rather not have make the overall price higher, making it only four stars.

  3.  Awesome!


    A great improvement on Gears of War 2. The Campaign's pretty good, just as good as the second. Horde mode has been improved to give a more tower defense feel, you can build forts etc.
    Multiplayer is way better, the online connection has improved, the ranking system is more achievable. The wepons online also have skins, some obtainable by completing challenges and doing various things in the previous games, some can also be purchased for around 300msp (a bit of a rip off). The games graphics have improved and this time includes more brighter colours to give a different feel to the game. Gears 3 also has a Beast Mode where you can play as the locust just like Left 4 Dead's versus mode.

    Overall a brilliant game that any shooter/Gears fan will love!

  4.  Bargian.


    Resident Evil 5 has overall lost it's horror factor from the previous games in the series, and can only really be considered as a action/adventure game. You basically have to go through levels completing puzzles and killing zombies, which is a good combination, although sometimes the puzzles can be considered tricky for the more unexperienced. The good thing is there isn't many of them. You also can collect loads of guns and other wepons and upgrade them, when fully upgraded the gun will have unlimited ammo so you can attempt time trials, if unlimited ammo isn't your thing you can turn it off. There's also a bunch of collectables which give the game an amazing replay value, making it a worthy purchase. Now the "gold edition" comes with extra levels and extra achievements, so honestly at the price why not give it a purchase as you can't go wrong with it!

  5.  Pointless


    All I'm going to say is what's the point in this game if you can play something so much better. Homefront feels like it was made back in 2007/2008, it's graphics and gameplay feel really dated. Also the online is garbage and pointless when you can play way better games such as Call of Duty & Crysis. Just avoid it as the singleplayer is bad too.

  6.  Crysis 2 Review.


    Crysis 2 delivers an all new multiplayer style, whilst it uses idea from the "Call of Duty" series such as perks and killstreaks it does well in it's own little way. The mulitplayer gives the player hours of fun and won't make you want to check the time, the game modes are unique and unseen in other shooters and deliver something new. The graphics are superb and probably offer the best in the market at the current time, this is shown especially in the campaign. The campaign then bored me, although the graphics are awesome it became very repetitive and the enemy's aren't memorable. Overall a decent shooter, good if your looking for a break from "CoD" or just wanting something entirely new, the only downside to the whole game is that the campaign can get boring and you'll just want it to hurry up and finish which is why the final rating is four stars.

  7.  Co-Operative fun!


    Conviction has a very fun co-op mode where you can work together with your partner to either be stealthy or guns-blazing, the same for single player. The game also allows you to collect a range of weapons to use out on the field. The multi-player isn't that bad either but co-op was my favourite aspect of the game. Overall I recommend it to shooter fans in general as most people should enjoy this & at the current price ... how could you complain?

  8.  Not for me.


    Brotherhood in my opinion is just like AC1 & 2, so if you liked those two then this is great for you but I personally didn't really like the whole series and find them quite boring a repetitive as you just travel somewhere and kill someone, then travel somewhere else and kill another person, not for me. So if your like me and didn't like and/or got bored of the first two then DON'T buy it but if you liked the other two then DO buy it.

  9.  Entertaining


    I found Jersey Shore to be fairly entertaining,there's always something going on to keep your eyes glued to the screen. If you like something like Big Brother or other reality TV shows then this is for you, you won't get bored and you'll be entertained. Recommend it to most.

  10.  You need to have experience to play this


    Halo Reach is a fairly good game the single-player is like Halo 3 and isn't too hard, making it easier for newcomers. Multi-player is then a bit of an issue, it's exactly like Halo 3, which is OK but because it's so similar all the hardcore Halo 3 players have gone onto this game making it really hard to win, get a positive k/d ratio etc. Basically you need to have experience with Halo to do good at the multi-player and the single-player is average at best, recommend it to Halo fans but you may want to try it out before purchasing this if you have no experience with Halo!