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  1.  Super powers (SPOILER ALERT)


    First of all - I loved the first book, it was a fantastic read with a great couple of characters and an intriguing mystery at the heart of it.
    Now the follow up where Lisbeth takes central stage - and boy does she - saving lives in a tornado, beating up hells angel equivalents with hitherto unknown boxing skills, not to mention her super power of a photographic memory, unfortunately, it seems as though the author fell in love with his main character and as such made her some kind of indestructible super woman who can even survive a massive head trauma from a bullet in the head enough to dig herself out of a grave. It smacks of the problem I felt Thomas Harris ran into with Hannibal Lecter - he became too obsessed with them to the point of them being able to overcome absolutely anything at the expense of common sense! Anyway, not as good as the first, not read the 3rd yet.

  2.  Super - Fly


    A very brave leap by Ben Drew, from hoodie wearing shock rapper, to besuited soulboy with one foul swoop, a brave but ultimately rewarding leap, both for him and for the listeners of this album, and if you don't have it yet - buy it now, especially at this price.
    It IS the album of the year without a doubt in my opinion, so many of the songs here are wonderfully crafted and beautifully sung. Stay Too Long is a huge almost Northern Soul stomp of a track, which if you haven't heard it yet, will leave you breathless by the time the final rap has finished - Ben drew's voice rising in octave with every line, thrilling stuff.
    She Said needs no introduction, but it's still brilliantly delivered, The Recluse is a sublime piece of soul/ pop with a great violin loop (yes violin) over the impressive musicology going on here.
    The whole album is of course a concept of a young soul singer going to jail for a crime he didn't commit - and the similarities with Plan B's first album are here - the story, with his first album, each song was a well told story, albeit censor bating, and this is a whole story-ish. By the time we get to the end - What you gonna Do - our protagonist is back in court on trial again, Ben Drew smartly turning the hard luck tale on it's head telling us that a leapord may not change it's spots. Look out for the rap album following this later this year, filling in the gaps of the story, personally - I can't wait.

  3.  Balancing Act


    Dizzee has always been a well respected, original voice amongst english rappers, here he manages to balance the fine line between his unique sound and becoming more commercially accessible. To help he has drafted in a number of producers, amongst them, calvin harris, who has his sticky fingers over a number of tracks here - and these are standouts particularly the wonderful dance wiv me which just sounds better every time you hear it.
    Dizzee still manages to enthrall with some of his lyrics too, road rage and dirtee cash (surely the next single and so funky it should be locked up).
    So, a fine line between sell-out and commercial success has been achieved well here, interesting to see where he goes next.
    A very good album, but if you are looking to buy your first dizzee album, start with the mercury award winning "boy in da corner" which has still to be bettered by dizzee or any other british hip hop act.

  4.  Little Gem


    A marvellous small, independent spanish film that takes the concept of time travel and creates a truly brilliant hour and a half of entertainment. I can't say too much about the plot without dropping spoilers, all I will say is that it is a very clever, very tightly plotted movie with an excellent script.
    Some of the twists you can see coming a mile away, but that strangely makes it more fun.
    And when you've watched it, watch it again to see if you can spot plot holes, it is very difficult, believe me, I've tried.

  5.  Very Entertaining


    In a difficult genre to find something new to show, this does a damn good job, good tense plotting, excellent acting - Brian Cox is immense - and all round enjoyble hour and a half. No, not as good as Shawshank as someone has said, it has less heart, you don't know what they are in for, whereas Shawshanks protagonist was innocent with this movie you don't know, but it is a good film, glad I purchased it on a whim. Oh and it IS a good twist.

  6.  The Real Bond


    I agree with almost everybody who says that this is how Bond should be. We have a gritty, determined, violent, clever, ruthless Bond in Daniel Craig that should make all of the doubters when he was first announced hang their heads in shame. He has dragged Bond out of the one liners, gadget fests that they used to be and brought him kicking and screaming into the world of Ian Flemings true Bond, the guy in the books.
    Not since Dr No and From Russia with Love have we seen Bond on film so unpredictable and cold. Indeed Connery and Craig have one thing in common, they look as if, if they hit you, they could quite possibly kill you.
    Ian Flemings Bond books had no gadgets, no real one-liners to speak of, they had good stories and this is where this film falls down slightly. A revenge story, following on from Casino Royale nicely, but in all honesty, the revenge story could/ should have been condensed to the first half hour, then we could have had a real spy story.
    So, Craig is great, this re-imagining of Bond is great (very Bourne obviously) but this film is a slight let down after Casino Royale - I look forward to the next installmentof Bond and hope that this is improved on, I think it will be, the reboot lives on.

  7.  The best film of the year


    This is not just the best superhero film I have seen, this is one of the best films I have seen. This is an incredibly complex drama involving 3 main characters - Batman, the Joker and Harvey Dent. Christian Bale is in my opinion, the best Batman we've ever seen, he gives the impression of being bound to doing what he does by the memories of his parents deaths, but wanting to find a way out. He plays the millionaire playboy fool as Bruce Wayne and is able to portray a believable nocturnal vigilante as Batman. Another thing that makes Bale so great, is that he refuses to be upstaged by his villains - always a problem for previous Batmans, but Bale is far too good an actor for that.
    Heath Ledger give a stellar performance as the Joker, lots has been said about the performance, but it has to be seen to be believed. He is truly superb, chewing up the scenery in every scene, that he doesn't run away with the film completely is testament to the aforementioned Bale and Christopher Nolan being far too interested in all of the characters in his world to let him. The talk of a posthumous Oscar for Ledger just highlights what a sad loss he will be.
    Aaron Eckhart as Harvey dent is the centrepoint of the whole film, his performance is also excellent and the journey he makes is the most interesting character development in the whole film.
    excellent support too from the rest of the cast (especially Gary Oldman as Gordon) but the three leads and the direction of Nolan make this the years most outstanding film - 5 stars, just perfect

  8.  This is more like it


    After some relatively disappointing marvel films of late (Spidey 3, X-Men 3, Electra) this brings the whole Marvel universe back in line. It is a clever, funny, action packed and strangely relevant film for today. Jon Favreau has done a great directing job here, but surely, his best decision was to cast Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark/ Iron Man - he is on top form throughout, who'd have thought Downey jr would be in a superhero film in the first place? He owns it, the film is him, he has great support from jeff Bridges, Gwyneeth Paltrow, terence Howard. Great effects of course, but it is the acting that convinces you in the end.

  9.  Improvement?


    I will start this review by saying I am not one of the people who dislikes the first film, in fact, I found it a good intelligent drama. This re-boot of frachise is good, but is it better than the original? Well, in my opinion, the two films are on a par with each other, what makes this film good is that it doesn't have to explain how Banner got to be the Hulk in the first place. First off then, Ed Norton is ALWAYS good value for money whatever he's in and this is no exception, he makes Banner incredibly convincing in the quest for a cure and to evade the US authorities and it is the early part of the movie set in Brazil where I realy felt at home with this version. I don't want to give too much away, but when the action shifts to the US, I felt the film suffered. The CGI doesn't seem to be anymore impressive than in the first film IMO and a promising story around Tim Roths character and the super soldier serum deteriorated when he became the Abomination, a good glimpse of a future bad guy though, look out for the beginnings of "The Leader" (fans of the comic will spot this, for everyone else, it has something to do with a head starting to mutate in the film.)
    What was good, was the appearance of Tony Stark, linking the Marvel universe together and giving promise of another film in the making.
    I realise I'm rambling a bit, but, this is a good film especially if you are a fan of the comics, for everyone else who may be thinking this is radically different/ better than the last film, just be careful.

  10.  True genius


    This is possibly the best science fiction movie ever made. Harrison Ford was at the peak of his popularity when he made this film, the fact that it bombed at the cinema was down to the complex plot and quite probably, that fact that it wasn't a seat of your pants popcoen thrill ride, rather a measured, intelligent and moving story about life and death. Roy Batty's (Rutger Hauer) speech at the end is enough to make grown men weep anyway, made even more incredible by the fact that it was made up on the spot. And fans of I Am Legend should note, this film was an adaptation of the great book "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep" by Philip K Dick, it is not very much like the book at all and yet it is still fabulous.
    As the aforementioned mess of a film I Am Legend will show you, they really don't make 'em like this anymore