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  1.  No more quickscoping!!! Hooray!!


    Ok, so virtually everyone that has said this game is bad are kids who can no longer, quickscope, use commando or constantly Noobtube. All of which 90% of the COD gaming community wanted rid of and I'm so happy these morons have now gone back to MW2.

    This game is now completely balanced with perks and weapons and you no longer have kids just running round like Benny Hill stabbing people.

    Graphically this is superb and the story mode is absolutely awesome.

    All in all listen to the moaners and be glad they've gone back to MW2 because this leaves all the casual gamers playing for fun can enjoy themselves a hell of a lot more.

    Well done Treyarch
    P.S - Sort the spawn system out and it'll be perfect!!

  2.  Err,,,,you said it would be unique??


    OK so the campaign is great, not completely different to MW2 but definitely in their own style and it works really well. One of the major issues people had with MW2 was the length of the campaign and this will get the same criticism, as it too, is short.

    Graphically this really isn't very good. There are some parts of the game that look stunning and you make think "wow, nice one" but other parts are truly awful. One of the early missions you encounter the AC-130 in the air supporting you and your guys on the ground but when you look up to check out this magnificent spectacle, you are greeted by this graphically terrible looking grey sausage which even Commodore 64 could've made look more realistic. Also, some enemies look terrible, really cartoony blood on the floor and strange bright coloured clothing which looks totally unrealistic.

    Another point, the game seems to slow down in parts really badly as though there's too much going on for the Xbox to handle. This is obvious when you pilot the helicopter and launch missiles into the buildings.

    My biggest concern with this game is the multiplayer. The game developers said they wanted to bring their own MOH unique experience to all players with this game but...........it's not unique at all! It all boils down to being a vamped up version of Battlefield. Everything is practically the same as Battlefield and I'm not saying that's a bad thing but I thought it was going to be a unique experience like they advertised???? Why did they give the multiplayer development side to Dice in the first place??? Dice have just sent out a polished version of Battlefield BC2!!!!

    All in all, ok game with a poor multiplayer due to Dice cloning BC2.

  3.  Someone was listening


    When everyone moaned at Treyarch about WAW and all the problems causing gamers to stop playing, Treyarch simply just didn't listen and did nothing to rectify the problems. After playing MW2 it looks like Infinity Ward took on all the complaints and gripes about WAW and made sure their game would not suffer the same criticism and for that I applaud them.

    Here's a few points

    - No gun on the game is way too overpowered now and all have a nice even balance
    - All maps cater for all types of player and are not just suited for SMG players
    - No more Juggernaut and Martyrdom.....well, not continuos Juggernaut anyway. Martyrdom can be used but now there are more worthy perks that compete with it and I've rarely seen it used
    - No more invincible dogs!!!!!!

    All these points and many more that Treyarch failed to resolve in WAW have made Infinity Ward's MW2 the best multiplayer game on Xbox Live and it will stay that way for a very very long time.

    I see the single player campaign as super special added bonus to a near perfect multiplayer title that would easily sell just as many copies as a stand-alone multiplayer title.

    Thanks for listening to the community Infinity Ward.

  4.  27 Headshots and he's still alive!!!!!


    I read about this game on various sites before I went ahead and bought it....as you do, and the majority of sites were 'bigging' this game up with very few rating it under 8 out of 10.

    So as of now i'm about 8/9 hours in and up until recently, I was very impressed and slightly hooked on this game. Now I could go into huge detail about how the game plays and things like that but you would just die of boredom so i'm going to name the good points and things I found incredibly annoying that made me want to snap my controller in half with rage.

    Good points - Great idea and graphics work really well.
    - Guns are awesome and really make the game different to the rest
    - Easy controls (Exactly the same as COD)
    - Not too in depth that you just get lost or bored

    Bad points - Very repetative at times
    - Lots of going backwards and forwards in the same area
    - Some enemies are just too hard to defeat
    - Having to defeat scags (these mutant dog things) over and over again

    Incredibly annoying points - Some enemies will quite happily take over 20 headshots from your most powerful weapon and still be alive.........then you run out of ammo and die.
    - When you die/respawn usually due to running out of ammo or by being constantly bitten by scag's in the balls your ammo is still empty but your enemies have miraculously regained all of their health back. This is where the repetition sets in. Buy max ammo - pull off more than 20 headshots - run out of ammo - die - respawn - go through it all again. I've never played a game where an enemy can take more than 20 headshots and still be alive. Most hardened enemies felt like major bosses at the end of a game.

    All in all, this game is good but in some parts it ends up being more annoying/frustrating than trying to storm the Reichstag on WAW on veteran!!!!

  5.  Pat Butcher or Big Mo?


    Right ok, so I had the first Halo on the original Xbox and thought it was brilliant and let's face it at the time it WAS! Didn't bother to get Halo on the 360 as at the time of release I was more interested in other games.

    This time after getting sucked into the hype and getting slightly excited by the teaser trailer where the guy (real man) goes into battle and stuff I decide to buy this game.

    Start the campaign and play the first level - Total disapointment. This game looks too polished and runs extremely slow compared to other FPS's. I was expecting frantic, chaotic action which the trailer promotes but it's completely different. You walk not run (as you can't) everywhere and the enemies are really boring to actually go into battle against. The games graphics and visuals are truely nothing special. Recent releases have both which have wowed gamers for example - Batman, MW2 and many others but to me this just looks like a polished PS2 game. Is this just a standard for Halo now?

    The multiplayer is very fun and that's the part I gave the 3 stars for. It's a nice change from the usual FPS multiplayers and it's more fun than stressful. WAW is such a stressful multiplayer experience online whereas this is more fun and easy to get the hang of.

    This game is very good and very well produced but it doesn't have the wow factor at all and appears to be going in the same direction as the original with no vast improvements.

    Worth the money to give you a break from the norm but if you want FPS action and can hold out then wait for MW2.

  6.  Jesus wept Batman!!


    I cannot praise this game enough.......it blows all similar games completely out of the water and by God have they set the benchmark high or what!!!

    This was a game that came out of nowhere for me and has completely blown me away. Everything about it makes you want more and more which has been very rare to find with recent games. You need to play this to experience the awesomeness and if you don't then you are missing out big time.

    The encounter with Scarecrow is absolutely brilliant and also very scary but it sticks out as one of those moments where you just say out loud " That was AWESOME!"

    Buy this game NOW!

  7.  Robocop's dogs!!!


    This is one of the rare games in my Xbox collection that i keep going back to only because of the abosultely awesome online multiplayer. For this reason alone it is worth the original £39.99 price tag. The one player campaign mode is brillaint but extremely stressful if playing on veteran and completely no fun at all.....you could call it ridiculous how one German soldier has 52 grenades.

    The only reason i haven't given this game the full 5 stars is the dogs. Dogs that take more bullets than the human players to kill in the game??????Totally unrealistic and have probably made thousands of gamers worldwide bald due to hair being ripped out after being constantly jumped by 3 robotic, invincible dogs!!! This is such let down on the multiplayer and makes some games really awful to play.

    Buy this game but be prepared to explain to parents, freinds and your nan why you're now bald.

  8.  If you're not a massive Metallica fan then don't buy it!


    This game looks great and some of the songs are awesome to play but..........there is a BIG BUT!!

    Songs are so long and boring and they've messed around with the Metallica song that was a classic on GH3 and now it has those stupid slide notes in the solo instead of the pull-offs in the original. You have to be a real hardcore Metallica fan to get long term satisfaction out of this game. If you're not and you're just a GH fan then wait for it to come down in price because it's no way worth the current price tag.

    What is it with GH remaking old songs now but completely different and with bonk slide notes in????? Not impressed.

  9.  Really good but still has problems


    The game looks good and feels really good but the only flaw in this game is the counter punching system they have. As the fights go on the computer seems to pefect the counter punch and nearly catches you with one every punch you throw. This is extremely annoying as nearly every counter punch puts you in the 'danger' stage where you have to block like a little girl or you'll be floored.

    Other than this annoying part of the game it's really quite good. The game face thing where you take some photos of your face and download them produces hilarious results and is a great added feature.