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  1.  Great online, poor otherwise


    I love halo it must be said but i find this chapter in the trilogy pretty uninspiring. The 'story' is bland & doesnt grab you at all. This game only comes into life if you have a live account.

    Loads to download & a large amount of game types make this a great laugh over xbox live. Player matches for me though as there are far too many 'serious/pro gamers' (whatever they are??????!!!!) playing ranked games and spoil the experience dramatically...

    Its cheap nowdays so if you have live then get it. No live? Not alot to it i'm afraid

  2.  One of the greatest games on the 360


    One word... Brilliant.

    Dont be fooled by the LEGO elelment of it & pass it off as a kids game. Its not just for kids at all!! The amount of playability in this title is amazing.

    I mention fun alot in my reviews etc as it is the most important thing in games I feel. Does get much more fun than this. very underrated title & for the price it is nowdays, it is a must buy

  3.  Great FUN (remember fun?)


    As a pick up and play game this is brilliant. Great fun single player & hilarious as co-op with a friend.

    Controls are good and easy to get used to. Story is a bit daft but when a game is this enjoyable, the story is no that important!!!

  4.  Impressive, most impressive...


    First off, I am a BIG Star Wars fan. Old school though, not the newer episodes. For me, this game is amazing! It looks great, plays great, sounds great & has a story that could & perhaps should have been made into a film as it seamlessly links Episodes III & IV.

    Yes it is short... I finished it pretty quickly (around 10 hours actual playtime) on the hardest difficulty available (extra mode unlocks once completed) but was blown away by how good it was.

    Value for money must be questioned but as a game and for being fun (which is surely what it is all about???) it is right up there with the big name titles.

    No multiplayer = no problem for me. It's a nice change.

    Love Star Wars??? Get this, buy it or rent it... just get it!!!

  5.  Fun, fun & more fun!!!


    Top game. Daunting at first & takes a lot of practice & commitment but it pays off by the bucket load. I rented it at first but now am buying it as I can see many hours of play to be had. It also comes into its own through LIVE, hilarious!!!

    People say it's difficult but it makes a refreshing change from the easier set of games that are commonly released

  6.  As good as they say!


    I had been waiting a long time for this release & was fit to burst when it arrived on release day. I played it for 5 hours straight that evening, completely oblivious to the time etc. I have been back to it at every opportunity! The graphics, sounds & controls are spot on. I am an experienced gamer & can be pretty critical of games but I can only find one problem with this game; that is that there is no 'live' elements to it. Saying that it is a masterpiece in itself so buy it ASAP! If unsure, play the demo... I am sure you will but it after one minute of that!

  7.  A great horror, as good as the first


    I was a bit sceptical when I heard this film was being made. I thought the first film was excellent & suitably chilling (the documentary on 28 days later is perhaps scarier than the film! - check it out...) & wasn't really sure where they could go with this. The opening sequence is brilliant & sets the tone perfectly. It is a great story, ok a couple of plot holes (quite obvious too) but they don't detract from a great movie experience. The acting is great (Carlyle as ever) & it ticks along at a great pace. I thought alot about this film after the credits... enjoy!