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  1.  Brilliant value!


    This is great! It fits the SE X8 perfectly and for less than half the price I saw on the high street! It's little unfinished but is pretty well made and does the job. There is no cut out at the back for the loudspeaker so the sound is muffled, make sure you use vibrate mode. Well worth the money.

  2.  Good little touchscreen!


    I've had this mobile for 2 weeks now. I got mine on three mobile for 99 GB pounds in the shop. I really like it. It keeps things simple compared to an HTC wildfire. You can only have one widget per page, but you can have several pages open with widgets. Normal 3.5mm jack headphones work in it, but the volume doesn't go as loud as I'd like. There are many pre-installed apps which are very basic but anyone who knows android knows there's plenty of good free stuff out there. I use it quite a lot during the day and it needs charging every day. There are apps to help save battery life but it's down to how you use the phone. This is no iPhone beater, but at one seventh of the price on my small budget, I'm extremely happy with this. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of battery life.

  3.  Brutally honest


    Fantastic book on Tai Chi Chuan ( Tai Ji Quan )
    no matter which style you practise or are familiar with. An eye opening section on the history of Tai Chi and open about the true nature of the applications in martial terms.
    If you have ANY interest in Tai Chi, read this book!

  4.  Demo was great!


    This cannot be a full review, but I have just played the Demo downloaded from Xbox live & it's the first game to have me opening my wallet that quickly just from a demo.
    It's first person, so there's no terrible camera angles to screw you; when you get it right you feel great, when you get it wrong you try again.
    I'm really looking forward to this. Try the Demo to see if it suits you sir.

  5.  Altogether a mindbomb


    This is a beautiful DVD. the whole DVD is an experience, it's not just about the music and it being there for you to play it, it's about how you navigate around it and the imagery it shows while you're navigating and playing the music. The imagery is like the music - Triptastic!
    the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of this unique way of navigating the DVD it's not that easy to find everything! I bought it for the Dr Who track alone, this is a beautiful DVD.

  6.  Kick up the mind


    This is brilliant for those who are interested in Martial Arts. It's a nice introduction and an easy magazine format. It doesn't get too in depth as it covers several different styles in several different countries. It's nice it goes beyond the usual familiar styles and shows less common styles like Escrima and Japanese Bowmanship. If you're looking at this review you'll be interested enough to buy the DVD, then you'll probably want to start studying a Martial Art. Go for it.