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  1.  Could have been so much better


    With the new command stick the player interface has been improved beyond measure unfortunately it feels and looks more like an arcade game. I know the red alert franchise is ment to feel over the top but this alternate time line is still based in this reality????.

    Having said that co op story mode is excellent the HD video scenes are the best yet. But where this game really lacks is in skirmish the heart of any good C&C game, i want as a strategy player, to command massive armies with strategic perfection instead a 50 unit limit is in place, whilst this keeps the game well away from the annoying slow downs of the past, it detracts from the strategy front as your forces are sliced through with a certain ease that seems to smell of a lack of balancing. (A particular favourite of mine is rocket trooper vs Dreadnought).
    This game is no where close to as well balanced as generals (and that had some issues) i feel the secret protocols (same as generals abilities) are too powerful when you consider you can only command 50 units a time this becomes tediouse as you constantly have to be micro managing your build ques to keep your army stocked in a cross range of units.
    Please EA you got this right in generals and kanes wrath, units reflected their cost to build on the battlefield whilst still retaining certain weaknesses.

    Buy this as i have if you want an excellent single player/co-op campaign and then stick to C&C generals if you want excellent skirmish play or if you dont have a pc kanes wrath for the 360.