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  1.  Excellent


    With the barage of awefull horror remakes and dodgy teen slasher movies we have had to put up with over the years, this film is a breath of fresh air. I've got the US blu-ray version and hopefully the same transfer will be used for the UK one as its excellent. This is a horror doesn't rely on shock and gore tactics to scare the audience, instead it builds tention and atmosphere through suggestion and music. Yes it is subtitled, but any true movie lover should be able to get past this and enjoy this truely awesome movie.

  2.  quick review and response to revolver31


    This is an excellent player for the money, had one delivered to my cinema for a one off showing of the new star trek hd-dvd's, tested it out through our digital projector with my US transformers HD DVD and the quality was great and that was only at 1080i over component! The machine does seem to take an age to turn on though and disc loading times are still pretty slow.

    Just ordered one for myself and can't wait, I currently have the XBOX 360 add on drive and this is a deffinate step up in quality.

    In response to revolver31, all HD-DVD's are currently region free but you will not be able to play US STANDARD DEFINITION DVD's on this machine (unless a hack is released down the line). Their is an HDMI cable suppied, it doesn't look like a great quality cable but there are arguments on both sides some saying it doesn't matter because it's a digital signal, others believe a good quality cable will make a difference.

    Hope this helps!

  3.  Not impressed.


    I bought this cable to connect my pc to my tv as part of a dual display set up for watching all my vids on my samsung le40r87. I had previously tested a different DVI-HDMI cable to check that it displays in my tv's native resolution and was pleased with the results so decided to buy this cable as the one i used to test was on loan to me. This cable however did not support the native resolution of 0f my tv, 1360x768 and would only give me 1020x768. Annoyingly before i found this out i had to cut into the plastic moulding on the dvi end to actually get it to plug into my graphics card on my pc so I won't be able to return it!

    Look for a better cable and avoid this one!

  4.  Great film, hd quality questionable.


    I love this film, gotta be the best warewolf film out there, plenty of suspense, gore and the excellent scene with the warefolf transformation.

    The picture was obviously going to suffer due to the age of the source material, it's very grainy and it looks like the original print has been repaired as there are some scratches visible that have been reconditioned before the transfer to digital. It is however, a good upgrade from dvd quality and still worth having in HD.

    Great film, ok disc.

  5.  Not as good as season one!


    I loved the first season of prison break and couldn't wait for season 2, however i felt that this season gradually got worse and worse and they were constantly scraping the barrel for new ideas. It's good but I couldn't help just getting more and more frustrated ever time the latest plot was foiled, sure buy it, i probably will but i'm not convinced i'll be watching season 3 if there is one.

  6.  Excellent film, excellent disc


    A great cop com from the pegg/wright team that brought us 'shaun of the dead'. It's witty, fast paced, massively funny and is a homage to all the cop films we love.

    Wright and Pegg sure know there stuff and i'v been a fan ever since i saw the series 'spaced' can't wait for their next project!

    The disc again is exactly what we've come to expect from these guys and it's rammed with all the extras from the DVD release, it's just a shame that they remain in standard definition. The picture quality is fantastic, really clear crisp image with plenty of detail.

    A must have!

    Look out for Peter Jackson's cameo as santa clause too, yes thats Peter Jackson of Lord Of The Rings fame!


  7.  Best blu-ray so far!


    Excellent all round package, the best of the movies so far and one of the best blu-ray releases so far. Just get it!

  8.  Excellent demo disc


    This film HAS to be taken with a pinch of salt, it's massively over the top, the acting is cheesy as hell and the plot is pretty dull but what it lacks in these departments it makes up for in fun, action and especially gore.

    It's classic Verhoeven and anyone who's into the likes of 'Total Recal' should definately pick this up just for the fun of it. It's not as good as recal but it's got all the Verhoeven traits.

    The CG in holds up remarkably well for the age of the film (nearly 10 years old!) but don't expect the kinda stuff were seeing in the likes of Transformers!

    If you like this and his other work, check out 'Black Book' it's a pretty recent one of his and it's very different!

    The blu-ray is by far one of the most impressive I have seen to date, colours are bright and vivid, and the picture has a real crispness and 3D feel to it, it's only let down by the occasional drop in quality in some scenes but it's definately worth the extra cash for the disk.

    All in all a good buy that i'm pretty pleased with, couldn't bring myself to give it five stars due to the nature of the film, infact i'd give the film itself three stars but the quality of the disk brings it up to four for me, bit lacking in extras though.


  9.  Great racing game.


    Very addictive, realistic tracks and cars, great graphics and gameplay. What more could you want!

  10.  Excellent!


    For me this album is the perfect mix of that thrashy hardcore sound of earlier AFI mixed with the darker and melodic sound that started to apear from 'shut your mouth...' onwards. This is undoubtably my favourite AFI album and is infact the first I listened to and owned.

    I love the new afi records just as much as the old ones but this or 'black sails in the sunset' are really the albums to buy if your new to the band.

    Buy it, you won't regret it!