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  1.  It's a kinda magic


    Good film, hugely underrated, fantastic cast, great performance from Jim Carey who is brilliant. Good clean family fun suitable for people of all ages. Great price total bargain

  2.  Absolute Pony


    Switched it off, worst film i have ever seen, awful acting, no story line what so ever and a total waste of your hard earned valauble time!

  3.  Good gig


    I enjoyed the dvd, if you don't take the jokes seriously you will enjoy them, this man has no boundaries for jokes and thats the whole point of comedy, if your easily offended comedy really is not for you. I found this funny throughout, the title however is a bit misleading as it's more a normal stand up performance than concentratng on a particular topic. Most Gervais fans should enjoy.

  4.  Please don't be the last series!


    Fantastic series which you can watch again and again, the last episode is a particular highlight especially if it is to be the final 30 minute episode ever. This is as funny as the previous 2 episodes with more of the same gags, comments, running jokes etc. Would have loved to have seen a xmas special but maybe im just being greedy. The new characters are great additions and luckily the old favs still remain. If you enjoyed series 1 and 2 this is a must for you.

  5.  Unique series but Karl is a star


    This is a wonderful idea for a unique series but ends with us all loving Karl. It's funny from start to finish and viewers will find themselves relating with Karl, Laughing with and about Karl, sympathising for Karl and at some points in the dvd wondering how he didn't just go home or move hotels/locations! Ricky and Stepehen add to the laughs with some great plans, comments and occasional fits of giggles. Karl is a star and you will love him after watching this nugget of comedy gold. Hope they do another series!

  6. AB III

    AB III

    Alter Bridge - CD

    15 New from  £5.41  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.95

     Fab album


    One day remains sounded like it took a long time to write and was a fantastic album, the 2nd album sounded a bit hurried with shorter songs but this album puts Alterbridge back at the top of the tree because its a brilliant piece of work packed with fantastic songs, stomping riffs, superb lyrics and big choruses. The band sound great as always and Myles is on top form. If you like the band you will love this.

  7.  This album should be huge!


    This album seems to have slipped under the radar a bit, but it deserves to be a massive album of the year. Every song is fantastic, huge loud catchy singalong choruses and some melodies which are to die for. Riffs are good, lyrics are good as always and the songs will have you either bouncing room your bedroom or sitting there absorbing the beauty of the songs. Hugely underrated album but a fantastic listen and i would even say their best and most complete album yet.

  8.  A must have for any Tottenham fan


    A truely great read, entertaining tales from a true Tottenham legend and alround top bloke. Great stories from the past 5 decades including 29 years as kitman. Ideal for any Tottenham fan who has superb memories of the past few decades. Take a walk back down memory lane with Roy.

  9.  A good package


    A good bunch of comedy films here, the stories are varied but the humour should stick for all 3 films, if you like 1 you should enjoy all 3, it's a good package at a nice price, you can certainly kill half a day or so with this set!

  10. Slash


    Slash - CD

    17 New from  £6.29  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.73

     Brilliant Album


    Great to hear from Slash, this album is superb, every track sounds like the kind of music that the singer would actually make themself in their respect bands (maybe most wouldn't have such a good guitarist though!) excellent variety of singers and good mix of songs, production sounds great, lyrically it varies hugely and the guitar is magic as you would come to expect. I recommend this album to nayone, you don't have to be a G N R fan, if your a fan of any of the singers on the album you will probably enjoy this album.