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  1.  Excellent and Underrated 90's Action Movie.


    After a troubled production this film was given very little publicity by the studio and bombed at the cinemas in 1997, which is a huge shame because it is a cracking film.

    The good news is that now you can enjoy this little gem of a movie in HD on blu-ray! Picture and audio quality are surprisingly good too.

    Penned by the guy that wrote several other 90's action blockbusters such as Speed and Broken Arrow, Hard Rain is a by the book heist story with a few unexpected twists. Plus the added novelty that the entire story takes place during a serious flood event, which allows for some highly unique and exciting action sequences that are very well executed. It is a crying shame that there are no extras on the disk as it would have been very interesting to see how they achieved some of the shots and created such a convincing flood!

    If you haven't seen this one before and you appreciate a good action film then you are in for a real treat, if you are already a fan then this blu-ray transfer is surprisingly good and well worth seeing.

  2.  Highly recommended.


    Superb kung-fu drama from martial arts maestro Donnie Yen.

    This is a kung fu film with substance and plot, not a simple story to take you from fight to fight. It has very high production values for a HK film; 1920's Shanghi is lavish, detailed and packed with 100's of extras and the opening WW1 scenes are a sight to behold.

    Yen directs the action scenes that pepper the storyline with such magnificent skill and flair that only he posses. Yes it is a shame that there is not a bit more action but this would not benefit the narrative, and what you do get is more than satisfying.

    Finally the picture and sound quality of this blu ray edition are superb.

    Highly recommended.

  3.  Thai Martial Arts Masterpiece


    Continuing directly on from the end of Ong Bak 2, 3 is a mythical and spiritual martial arts epic. A film chock full of breathtaking martial arts with a gripping and unique story line and scorching visuals that look great in HD.
    If you are a true martial arts fan get your self a copy now!

  4.  The most enjoyable & exhilerating game I've played in years


    This game takes me right back to 1995, I am 12 years old and playing Ridge Racer on PS1... perched on the edge of my seat gripping the controller with sweaty palms, desperately trying to beat that dammed yellow car!

    Yes, this game is so much fun that it has made me feel 12 years old again.

    I implore you to give it a try.

    Please excuse me, I must now return to my game and continue playing until my eyes bleed.

  5.  F' You Chev Chelios!!


    In your face, lewd, crude, complete madness. The Crank films are a breath of fresh air for the action movie genre. Defiantly for adults only and not to be taken seriously. Neveldin and Taylor have created an absolute blast of a series with Crank and I can only hope that they do more. Stathem is at his best, Amy Smart is at her most stunning.
    As an added bonus the film is a visceral sensation, being the sharpest most vivid BluRay disc in my collection by far.
    Suspend your common sense and take a wild ride in the completely bonkers world of Chev Chelios and CRANK.

  6.  This is MY Bond movie


    The World is not Enough is my Bond film, in 1999 when it came out I was 15, the optimum age to appreciate the Bond fantasy.
    I saw the film 3 times on the big screen but then I was stuck with a disappointing VHS; I have now rediscovered the movie 11 years later on BR disc - which has a superb transfer.
    In my opinion this is the last great 'classic' Bond as it has all of the great, fun, Bond formula in place. After it; Die Another Day was disappointing, and the Daniel Craig films were good but don't follow the die hard 007 formula.
    This is one of my fave Blu Ray's, is looks glorious in HD and made me feel 15 again, ha!

  7.  Classic Seagal


    A classic Seagal film, worth an upgrade from DVD if you are a big fan. The BluRay transfer is generally good for a film of this age, one or two scenes are grainier than they should be but overall presentation is good. Sod all extras mind.

  8. The Rock

    The Rock

    Nick Glennie-Smith / Hans Zimmer / Harry Gregson-Williamson (Soundtrack) - CD

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     The ultimate action score


    A collaberation of three great film score composers has resulted in one of the most bombastic action film scores of all time. You can hear elements of all three different composers styles and they combine perfectly. Big orchestoral and percussive meet synthesisers with epic results.

  9.  Brutal


    I saw this at the cinema a few months back. It is superb, but brace yourself for a brutal film. Everyone is used to violence in films these days and in some respects we are becoming numb to it, however this film packs a seriously hard punch due to the context of the violence and the way in which it is shot. Realism is the key. At the begining of the film Danny Ds character is pulled from his car and viscously beaten for no real reason by a gang of youths, sadly this hits home hard, because these days it could easily be happening to you on your way home from the cinema.
    A sad and dark film, highlighting the sometimes brutal nature of our inner cities. Watch it!

  10.  Amazing game -sadly amazingly short...


    This game is quite simply awesome, its so cinematic it completely immerses you in its world and the war torn Mexican city in which most of it is based. The gameplay is solid and the music score in particular is among the best I have ever heard in a game, taking lots of inspiration from composers such as Hans Zimmer from films like Black Hawk Down - the game story line also borrows alot from this film.
    The game takes you on an incredible ride.. with one hitch its all over in the blink of an eye which is utterly dissapointing and very frustrating - why are game developers becoming so lazy??
    There are some great online modes to pad this out but if you dont have xbox-live then you are of course at a loose end.