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  1.  Not as good as volume one


    Again the picture and sound are absolutely stunning. I love these movies i feel that vol. 2 is overlong and a little drawn out. After the kinetic vol 1 it takes a more relaxed pace. We get the answers to our questions and the inevitable soloution. A great movie none the less.

  2.  Brilliant


    First of the movie is an action packed, retro, thrilling tale. In Blu ray the colours jump out of the screen, It really looks amazing, and the sound is superb. Kill Bill really ticks along pretty quickly hardly giving you time to breath. One of my favourite Tarantino movies. Simply Brilliant!

  3.  Iron Man Blu


    Picture is pristine. The movie is a lot of fun. I'd never read the comics or seen the cartoon. Thanks to downey's performance, its easy to jump into this world. Jeff Bridges is really good as well, and the movie zips along at a fast pace. Highly recommended.

  4.  Brilliant


    Everyone knows how good this movie is, how strong the performances are. Blu ray makes it better, fact. If you have a BR player get this now, you will not be disapointed. During the imax filed scenes the picture changes from widescreen to full screen, but i never really notice too much. The picture looks amazing and the sound is fantastic.

  5.  Stunning debut.


    First, the box is amazing, a metal petrol canister. Inside are art cards and the blu ray is presented in a giant matchbox case, it's a brilliant package. Quentin Taratnino's low budget, high impact debut is a crime masterpiece, set after a heist gone wrong. The various criminals return to their hideout in a flurry of cool quotes and hip music. Excellent value for money at the moment.

  6.  I couldnt sit still


    Best thing i can say is that the sound and special effects are very good. The movie didn't let me connect with any of the characters, or care about what happened. It's a shame as it comes from a still very engaging original. Disappointing.

  7.  Not a hound dog.


    A newly married couple decide to adopt a rowdy dog to be a companion through there lives. We follow there ups and downs through the life of the dog. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad and quite entertaining, definatly worth watching.

  8.  this is the right one.


    A coming of age love story set in 80's Sweden. The two lead actors are 12 year olds, one an outcast the other a vampire. Its a perfectly paced, stunning scenery.

    The relationship is captivating and original. I cant tell you how good this is. See it before the remake leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  9.  Where to start


    The trailers are misleading. The movie is set in London and also in a mythical city. The stories intertwine between the two locations. The main 3 characters are all in the brink of mental illness. The movie lacks something, but if you have an open mind is quite enjoyable.

  10.  Boats and ho's


    Classic. I didnt want to watch this, the trailer didnt interest me, but a friend made me watch it and im glad she did. This is silly, immature and absolutely hilarious. All the characters are priceless, every line is a cracker. If you like your comedy low brow and ridiculous then its ideal for you