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  1.  Better value than the Monkey Island Bounty Pack!


    What can I say about The Orange Box that hasn't already been said?

    Even with the age of the games in this pack, you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal.

    Half Life 2 is widely regarded as one of the greatest FPS games ever made, not to mention the fact that it has stood the test of time remarkably well.

    I've had this bundle for years and I still haven't played TF2. I'm not much of an online gamer and I flat out suck at shooters, but from what I hear Team Fortress 2 still has quite a dedicated following.

    Portal is the beautiful shining gem at the center of this bundle. While only short it never outstays its welcome, with an engrossing story and a well balanced difficulty curve, this First Person Puzzler takes an excellent approach to tutoring the player, firstly by separating the early levels of the game into individual "Testing Chambers" where the corporation responsible for creating the portal gun conducts tests. Here you are gradually introduced to the features of the portal gun, as well as the various techniques you will require for the later stages. If you enjoy dark comedy, brain-teasing puzzles and mind-bending physics than this game is definitely for you. Even if you don't, it's only a bloody TENNER! BUY IT!

  2.  Excellent pad at a very reasonable price.


    I've been using two of these at home now for a couple of years and while the sticks are beginning to wear out they've served me very well indeed. Easy to use with Xbox or PC, works a treat with Project64, too, so good news for emulation fans.