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  1. MAG



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     Must have PS3 title.


    Firstly, I have an Xbox 360 as well as a PS3 so this is not a biased review done by a fanboy. Also I have never played MW2 so am not going to compare it.
    My first impressions when I first loaded the game and played the training level were not that great, the graphics seemed sub standard for the PS3 and there is no environmental damage like in some other FPS games. I reserved judgement until I had played a proper match, so after the training level, went on to play a supression round. This is really like a training excercise as well and again, didn't leave me realling any real excitement. It's a basic team deathmatch and, with the number of players you can have on that game type, didn't feel like anything new. It was enjoyable, but I thought it wouldn't take me long to get bored. Then I levelled up enough to enter into some other game modes, this is where my views changed. The game is simply amazing, I soon forgot about the graphics as the gameplay easily wins over. It's fast paced and slick with huge game arenas. With the large amount of players you can have on one match you can still find large areas to run around in without being seen. Head towards your objectives and you will find loads of players from both teams slugging it out in a fire fight. This makes it easy to be whatever type of player you want, be it a sniper that tries to hide from afar and pic people off or a gun toting maniac with a heavy machine gun and just go ploughing in mowing people down before you get taken out. Being a medic can also be rewarding as it gains you alot of experience healing or reviving your team mates. As you gain levels and rank you can control your squad, I've not got there yet as the girlfriend has taxed it off of me. Not because I can't put it down and she wants to spend time with me, but because she loves playing on it too. You gain skill points when you level up that can be used to improve your character or unlock new weapons. There are 3 sides to choose from as well, each with their own versions of the same weapons I presume (not sure on that as I've only played as S.V.E.R.), and also I would think this means that when your on certain maps like in your own territory, you will only ever defend. There is no swapping sides on the maps, this improves longetivity of the game as when you create a new character with a different team, you get to play some maps from a different angle. I have noticed no lag at all when playing and no issues connecting to game servers. There is so much more I could say about this game with the teamwork and objectives, but really you need to buy this game and see for yourself. I've given it 4 out of 5, as the gameplay is what makes this game and as nothing is perfect, the graphics have to make me deduct something. If I was giving an out of 10 score, it would be an 8.7. Definately one to have.