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  1.  Classic blokes film


    Movies like this will never win awards, but its a great put it on and enjoy the over the top action - takes me back to the days of kickboxer and bloodsport.

    Yeah the storyline is a bit weak, but who cares really. Its a blokes film so no real love interest or crying to be seen here.

    I really enjoyed it, and know it will definetly be watched again.



    Great game, which was let down slighly by awkward controls (laggy) thi shas now been patched, so not an issue anymore..5 stars, great single player game and great online multiplayer.

  3.  Lots of deleted scenes - directors cut soon me thinks?!!


    Was pleasantly suprised by this film, has lots of references to the old tv series (Lou Ferrigno bit part, and the original actor who played Banner in the tv series, end music etc).

    I have watched the main film twice and the deleted scenes (which would have made the storyline 100 times better if they had been included) once, and can hand on heart say this is a friday night watch, enjoy and forget film...and I loved it for being that.

    For those who need to know....the picture quality on blu-ray is very good with opening scenes really showing off high def details. True 5.1 HD or 5.1 DTS available also.

  4.  whats with the blu-ray case???


    Firstly as mentioned ealier my copy came with the back cover art stuck on the outside of the case..very poor..and now i have glue marks on the case.

    Secondly the image and sound quality is amazing (assuming yoi have the set up to appreciate it).

    Thirdly as a film - well this is my opinon it has many great scenes but is let down by having to appeal to the child market too often..an example being 50 ft robots hiding from the boys dad....not making a sound as they crouch round his house.....awful scene!!!

    But hey thats just my view - a film treated 90% of the time as an mature audience (15 plus) film let down ever so slightly with ridiculous 'comedy' scenes.

  5.  worth a tenner


    Get over the slightly hard to master control scheme, accept the sword fighting parts are a waste of time, and what you have isnt really a bad game, and by no means 'awful'.
    For the price of 4 pints or there abouts it will kill an evening nicely.

    controls to me were like eleedees.

  6.  Crowe whispers too much or im going deaf


    Great film, very watchable, well acted throughout and has a gripping storyline.

    Did find the sound levels were all over the place - had to whack the volume up to hear Russell Crowes character talking (alot of whispering) then had to turn it down for the gun shots due to fear of annoying the neighbours.

    Minor point really. (and could just be my Samsung isnt great with sound) I am glad I have it in my collection.

  7.  BUY IT - treat yourself u know u want to!


    What a game...played this right through to finish within two days.....loved every single minute of it..i rarely hold interest in a game long enough to complete them, but this one just had to be played. The graphics, sound, story and presentation...all of it are so well done.

    I do regret playing it on normal setting..it was still so much fun but now im going through again on the next setting up and am finding it much more of a challenge and more enjoyable.

    Yes it isnt the longest game ever..but it never once gets boring.

    I am not big on multiplayer online gaming but here this is the best about.

    if u want your ps3 to do something other than play expensive blu-ray movies..buy this instant classic now.

  8.  what a let down


    Having seen then other two films I had fairly high hopes for an entertaining couple of hours where i could just relax and enjoy a typical hollywood film.

    2 hours later i found myself confused and bored....really lets the trilogy down. A mess of a film and for the most part totally pointless.

    As a blu-ray movie (played through ps3 on a samsung lcd) the image quality was good - im one of those people that struggles to really see the immediate wow factor of HD over upscaled DVD....but my girlfriend seemed impressed (think its the trailer before the movie higlighting the benefits of HD over DVD with side by side comparison that convinced her).

    rent it or catch it if u see it going cheap to complete your collection.