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  1.  A Headphone that has strength in depth


    Wow! These headphones are the best i've ever had, it was a big risk for me to stray away from my sennheisers but these are a different class. The bass is deep and velvety. The clarity and depth of detail is spine tingling, close your eyes and you can pick out every instrument and sense where it is positioned as it was recorded, the vocals are crisp and clear. The quality is so that i have even been able to turn down the volume on my MP3 player and it is still better than my previous sennheisers. These headphones are for the more discerning ear and not for someone who likes to just try to make their ears bleed. Don't expect great things straight out of the box, like a good red wine they need time to learn to breath. Quality takes time.



    If you only ever read one book in your life then this should be it. I have depression and i wouldn't say this book cured me but it has been a massive help. It's like reading a book of the answers to life.

  3.  Husktastic


    If you go down to a cornfield today you're in for the fright of your life. i've seen lots of Horror films in my life and it takes alot to scare me but fortunately whilst i was watching this i was wearing brown pants. Simple script, well acted and about as original as you can get these days. You can tell the director is a real horror fan and probably a big 80's horror fan because this film reminded me alot of the good old 80's horror films but with an extra dimension to the film. It's not all blood and snot just a good old fashioned scare fest. A possible cult horror film of the future.

  4.  Tasking Time!!!


    The only task here was spending 1hr and 30 minutes watching this poor excuse of a horror film. I've coughed up scarier things than this film. There's more tension in Dawn French' knicker elastic. If there was such a thing as time police then the people who made this film would all be doing life now for wasting so much of it. So in conclusion you would be better off giving someone a fiver and getting them to sneak up on you and go BOO, that would be more entertaining.

  5.  Cracking Wallet


    This wallet does what you expect it to unless you're a big girls blouse and like a little pocket for your change. Which frankly makes so called men look like little old ladies when they are trying to find the right change to pay for whatever. In conclusion this is a mans wallet, well if you're a man who is still secretly into comic book heroes anyway