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  1.  Well worth the wait...


    Released amidst a glut of AAA titles, Alan Wake was lost amidst a sea of videogame sequels. Thankfully, this is a AAA title that's highly original with a gripping storyline. Perfect pitching allows you to play it one chapter at a time over five nights giving you that 'TV special event' feeling. The episodic DLC is also highly recommended and provides a fantastic closure to the cliffhanger ending seen on the disc. The sleeper hit of 2010 in my opinion.

  2.  Improving on it's big brothers...


    This is a far more approachable version than the Xbox 360 editions. The touch screen interface allows for a very user friendly GUI with zero loading times whilst visiting the shops or checking the encyclopedia. Less cluttered information thanks to the dual screen and the added bonus of more information on display. I played this for 6 hours straight last night and only just scraped the surface of what is sure to be a permenant resident in my DS. Has Animal Crossing finally met it's nemesis? Only time will tell...

  3.  Stop reading and order!!


    From the moment you are awoken in the wonderfully crafted monochrome lab to the eerie robotic disembodied voice which accompanies you throughout the game, everything just feels so right.

    Finally a first person title with a genuinely unique physics-bending twist which is guaranteed to make you want to eat that moist cake...

    Whilst the first handful of levels are quite simplistic, the later ones may stump you to the point where you reluctantly stray to one of the countless video guides out there, but stick with it if only to enjoy the fantastic end theme 'Still Alive'.

    One of the only truly 'must own' video games of all time.

  4.  Puzzle Perfection.


    The simple formula laid down by the likes of Bejeweled and Zoo Keeper transformed to a fantasy adventure complete with hit points and spells.

    This is amazingly addictive and guaranteed to be wedged in your DS for weeks to come.

    Good use of the touchscreen and dual screen which reduces screen clutter somewhat. Particular note must go to the music which is great and perfectly suited to the game story and backdrop.

  5.  Bloxtastic!!!


    Sleeper hit of the year so far. A game to keep you glued to the wiimote and a fantastic party game.

    There's something wonderfully theraputic in watching a large construction of blox reduced to ground level in seconds!

    However, this is marred by some horrendous slowdown which seems odd in a title that is so graphically sedate. This appears to be isolated to the multiplayer option and is not a deal breaker in any way.

    Highly recommended.

  6.  Don't fret, it's OK.


    After the slickness of Guitar Hero III, returning to this installment is rather jarring. Weaker graphics and presentation, a poorer choice of music tracks and a much easier achievement matrix make this a slightly disappointing outing compared to GHIII.

    However, as a stand alone product it stands as a good entrance in the series. I just wish the track list was more impressive. However, don't get me started on the appalling censoring of 'Killing In The Name Of'...

  7.  A bare bones release...


    I'm sure we've all bought Namco's previous Museum Pieces from PS1 - Xbox, so the format is far from original. However, I would have hoped that Namco could have stretched to more than 7 games as featured in this DS collection. You can extend this to 9 but the extra 2 are merely revisions of Dig Dug II and Xevious which are already included in the initial 7 line-up.

    The screen display options are smart and of the 6 options available I'm sure there is one that'll suit you. However, to play them in their true original ratio involves using the DS in 'book form' which proves difficult for the likes of Galaga and Galaxian where the use of some buttons force you to require extra limbs!

    Overall, a good effort and I'm sure a sequel is on the way. Personally I would have preferred another 10 or so games to make this an essential buy. Where's Pole Position????? :)

  8.  Choc(obo) full of fun!


    I was initially sceptical that this would be a more childish variation on the traditional Final Fantasy theme, however this game has an appealing alure which will delight hardcore FF fans and newcomers alike.

    Easy controls, some tight mini/micro game mechanics and an enjoyable card battling game which revisites some of the more famous summon creatures from previous games in the FF series (albiet in a more 'cutsey' form!).

    Oh, and there's oodles of fun to be had from some of the music and sound effects which are parodies of some of the classic tunes we know and love from previous FF titles.

    Highly recommended.

  9.  Manson's Love Album?


    Give this one a chance Manson fans. Even I had to hear it a few times before each song became an essential and integral part of my MP3 player.

    Each track consists of subliminaly haunting melodic rifts that define Manson's past year of divorce and new relationships.

    Overall, a superb album that contains some of his best work to date. Each album from Manson is as different as the last and this one forms an eclectic collection of songs, complete with some stunning lyrics.

    Buy now.