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  1.  Inspiring, fascinating, educating


    Having enjoyed BBC's Planet Earth and Life I was looking forward to this series and it does not disappoint.

    The 'rock star' professor as he is known, Brian Cox (he was in a band D:Ream) takes us on a truly wonderful journey through our solar system using a combination of CGI, actual video footage and photos from space missions, and travelling the earth to locations that are most similar to those of other planets and moons to help explain the facts.

    I sat through each episode in awe about how much is out there in our solar system and it just blew my mind some of the things we have discovered with space probes and satellites in the outer reaches of our solar system. For instance a moon of Jupiter which is covered in ice but underneath it all is a vast ocean of water, yes water all on a place so distant from the sun. Also geisers that erupt ice not heat.

    There is too much to talk about and to be able to explain in a review, it has to been seen to be believed.

    The soundtrack to the series is also perfectly matched.

    All in all this series is as my title states inspiring, fascinating and educating. I've always had an interest in astrology but after watching this series I am in the process of buying a telescope so that I can see these magnificent sights with my own eyes.

    Cannot wait for the follow up series 'Universal'.

  2.  Another Disney Classic


    I am a huge fan of Disney so I really dont know what took me 7 years to see this film!

    Three brothers simple lives are torn apart during a fight with a bear in which the eldest brother (Sitka) gives his life to save his two younger siblings. Disillusioned and angry the youngest (Kenai) sets out to seek revenge on the bear and kills it.

    Sitka now a powerful spirit in the afterlife, shocked at his brothers actions turns Kenai into a bear in order to teach him some life lessons. Meanwhile the other brother (Denahi) unknown to him that Kenai is now a bear believes the bear he has stumbled upon has killed Kenai and he too vows revenge. Now brother hunts brother.

    Ultimately through the course of the film (which I wont spoil) Kenai comes to see and understand both sides of the story from the view of a human and bear and learns about forgiveness, tolerance and brotherhood.

    The soundtrack is also amazing with songs mainly composed and sung by Phil Collins which fit perfectly with the film.

    All in all a fantastic and touching movie, another Disney classic.

  3.  Brillant dragon movie


    This is one of my favourite films and I cannot believe its already 13 years old! I still remember seeing this in the cinema and loving it. I dug this out of my DVD collection recently to watch again and it still remains one of my favourites.

    A dying Prince Einon is given the gift of life and immortality when a dragon 'Draco' (Sean Connery) gives him half of his heart to save his life. But before he does the prince has to swear to uphold the noble ways of old and not to turn into a tyrant like his father. Of course he does not keep his promise.

    Dennis Quaids character Bowen is a young Einons mentor at the beginning and is distraught when he turns out like his evil father. Blaming the dragon for turning him this way he dedicates his life to hunting down every last dragon until he finds the one he feels responsible.

    After years of hunting he encounters the last one in Draco unknown in the beginning that he is the one he has been searching for. Initially they are hostile to each other but they come to respect one another and form an unlikely bond. Together they band together an army of rebels to overthrow the now King Einon. But as the end draws near we all know what Bowen must do to finally end King Einons reign and it brought a tear to my eye.

    This film is essentially about honour, friendship, loyalty and love. The kids will love the special effects and action whilst adult audiences can take away the deeper meanings.

    The acting is good throughout the cast but the highlight for me is Sean Connery as Draco, the man has a great voice! lol I think its the best voice used for a dragon in any movie to date.

  4.  Hello.....My name is Inigo Montoya!


    Once in a blue moon a movie is made that truly stands the test of time and is everlasting in its appeal across multiple generations.

    Whether you are a child or adult this is just an amazing film. I first watched this many years ago when I was around 8 and I am now 25 and still love this film just as much as I did back then.

    This film has heroes, giants, wizards, villains, sword fights and true love! (you'll understand if you watch the film.)

    In essence this about a man, Wesley (Carey Elwes) saving his true love Buttercup (Robin Wright) from the clutches of an evil prince. The story is told in such a tongue in cheek and enchanting way you cannot help but fall in love with this movie. This is one of the best films to come out of the 80's. They really dont make them like they used to.

    The acting, storyline and music all blend together to produce just a fantastic film that is simply a timeless classic. I cannot wait for the Blu-ray release of this film in the UK.

  5.  What have they done!!


    I enjoyed the first 2 movies and was looking forward to this movie alot. Now when this was announced it made out we would see Santi play for his country at the world cup and give a conclusion to the whole franchise. However what was actually released was absolute rubbish.

    Firstly Santi is hardly in the film. I suspect he is only in it to fulfill a legal obligation because I kid you not he has a total of around 10 minutes of screen time throughout the whole film. He does not even kick a ball!

    Also this does not follow on from the previous 2 films in anyway shape or form apart from a cameo by Santi Munez. Roz, Glen and Gavin Harris are not in it. Unconcluded plots points from the previous film have not been explained. (hello.....Santi's relationship with Glen? Roz was pregnant at the end of the 2nd).

    In its place we get the story of 2 England players who both play with Santi at Real Madrid. The film centres around their problems and them playing in the world cup, which nobody cares about.

    The acting from the new cast is terrible and the storyline is rubbish and so are the football scenes (when there are any) which are just the actors in front of green screens.

    Overall this film is not worth watching, renting or buying.

  6.  Uplifting


    This is definately one of the best films to come out in 2008 at the Toronto Film Festival.

    It tells the story of A poor child 'slumdog' in India, Jamal and his search for his one true love who has always slipped through his fingers at various points during his life. This is an uplifting story about fate and destiny.

    Jamal has entered the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He has got all the answers right up to the last question which leads the host to believe he is cheating and turns him over to the police. This is where the story starts.

    During his interrogation we are taken on a journey through time from Jamals childhood up to present day in a series of flashbacks. Along the way we discover his life experiences growing up on the tough streets of India has given him the answers to the questions presented to him on the show.

    I wont spoil the film and tell you how being on the TV show links in with his personal life.

    The film is beautifully shot on location in India and using real children from the slums of India to play the younger characters. The musical score is amazing and fits into the film perfectly.

    Overall I was taken on an emotional journey through the film, from Jamals poor and sad childhood through to the uplifting conclusion in present day. Amazing film!

  7.  Could of been more


    I was really looking forward to this game but was left somewhat disappointed.

    The graphics and music are top notch and there is little to criticise. But its the gameplay which lets it down.

    I think the game is too linear, I mean why have a cool looking free running game if you are going to limit the players movements. I wanted to be able to travel across the whole city at will and jump from any roof top I wanted. But instead you just die if you jump off a roof thats not part of the path you are supposed to take. In addition you will get annoyed at certain sections where you keep dying over and over trying to make jumps.

    Also the fighting leaves a bit to be desired. The disarming is fine but when you actually hold the gun for some reason you cannot run and only move around at walking pace which is annoying if you are like me and just want to run and gun. Aside from the fighting controls, actually moving Faith about is easy and I like how they have simplified everything into one button per action.

    Overall great idea, great graphics and music but if they only tweaked the gameplay it would have been amazing.

  8.  Not as bad as everyone says


    Granted this is not the most amazing game ever made but it is very playable and enjoyable especially if your loved all 3 movies like I did.

    Graphics are ok, not the best but not rubbish either. In terms of gameplay they could have reduced the number of quicktime events throughout the game, as these can get quite annoying.

    However the controlling of born, the shooting and fighting I found to be quite entertaining. I especially loved the takedown moves where in true bourne-esque style he slams peoples head onto a desk to knock them out or against a wall lol.

    I have also heard alot of people complain about the driving section of the game. I personally dont see what everyone was complaining about. I think the main gripe is the unrealistic handling, I sped through the whole level finger on the accelerate without ever touching the break even at sharp turns. I personally loved it lol I liked being able to speed around at top speed without ever having to touch the break and fly past tight turns without any slow down, it added to the fast pace action the game is trying to achieve. I cant stand games where driving sections are made too real and the slow moving and handling of cars becomes downright annoying e.g. Grand Theft Auto 4 when driving about you have to break at every corner. If you are a fan of arcade style racers you wont mind the driving mechanics in this section of Bourne.

    All in all not the best game ever and it could have been much more. But if you are looking for some quick easy entertainment and an easy 1000 gamerscore look no further. If you are looking for a deeper game this is not it but take it for what it is and dont over analyse it and you will enjoy it.

  9.  Excellent machine but it does have its flaws.


    I own all 3 current generation consoles, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. But the Xbox 360 is without doubt the winner in the next generation console battle. Its amazing catalogue of games mixed with Xbox Live and the genious gamer score achievement system make it the best.

    I know people complain about the £40 Xbox Live fee but broken down to roughly £3.33 per month its an absolute bargain. What you get for the money is absolutely unmatched by the Wii or PS3.

    The gamer score achievement system will guarantee you get your moneys worth for all the games you buy. Be warned though achievements are seriously addictive once you get into them! Lol

    What does let this console down is build quality. The quality of these things are atrocious. It was well known Microsoft used cheap parts to make this console from launch and are still doing so today. I am on my 7th! Xbox 360 console. Problems I have experienced most are scratched discs, broken DVD drives and red ring of death.

    Scratched discs are the most annoying though. I have faint circular marks or little speck marks all over some of my discs. 4 out of the 7 Xboxs I have owned have had this problem. But this only occurs on the latest Benq/Lite-On drives and since all are made with these drives now its impossible to avoid.

    So whilst it is an amazing machine it has its flaws.

  10.  Best Disney movie ever made!!


    Simply stunning, This is the best movie that Disney have ever made. It is full of emotion, humour and life lessons. I cried during some scenes and I am a grown man of 24!

    When a young lion cub is convinced by his evil uncle (who wants to be king) that it is his fault his father (the king) was killed he runs away in shame. Whilst in exile he grows up and builds himself a new life. However he never feels that he truly fits into where he has settled. Events transpire and fate brings him back to confront his past and claim his rightful place as the King.

    I see this with a more adult theme rather than aimed at children. The story is really eptomised in the song "The Circle of Life" by Elton John. Everyone has a place in this "circle of life" we just have to find out what that is.