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  1.  Iron lores legacy was a dump on the DoW franchise


    First up, Im no fanboy of DoW, I think its a very fun game though so im a fan of the series but im not blinkered and frustrated that I have to justify my purchases even if they turn out to be poor so what I say is honest.

    Soul Storm sounded like it would be a good sign of for the DoW franchise alas its not the case.
    Ok graphically its pretty old but still looks decent enough but the graphics in soul storm are pretty sloppy in places, buildings and most new units are undetailed exception for the new Dark Eldar commander.

    The new air units sounded likea good idea but have been poorly implemented, why do my air units need to cross a river by going over a bridge? why do they get cought in terrain?

    The campaign seems like a good idea but looks downright poor, a single planet would have sufficed ala Dark Crusade, its not like theres a huge amount of territories with the 4 planets and moons - maybe 5 on each planet and most maps are ridiculously big when your fighting 1 opponent and get tedious, whats worse is that the enemy can have 2 bases yet again just to make those maps even more of a slog instead of a fun challenge.

    The voice overs are ok I thought, except for the sister of battle 'scout / priest' unit which has a rather annoying nerdy chant when you take a requisition point, makes me cringe every time. Also theres no more banter amongst enemy commanders this time which sucks abit of the vitality of the game away oh and lets not forget the laughable chaos commander voice over METTEL BOXES!

    The most disappointing part though, well it would be nice if the campaign map would load up in under a minute instead of waiting around for a track to play through before it loads and also if the same was the case for each battle within the campaign mode itself as it stands its a bore to load up and play the campaign which is the main element of a game for me.

    So why does it take so long to load? well I wouldnt be surprised if Iron lore tried another DRM check like they did with the awful Titans Quest game afterall, with this expansion pack you need the dvd in the drive to play unlike the previous DoW games which got quick patches to remove this.

    Shame on Iron Lore, I hope relic can at least patch this game up to a reasonable state so that it honors the warhammer 40k universe and Dawn of War franchise.

  2.  Very good


    Its actually a very good game, its different than the typical MGS style games , instead its a strategy game relying on various cards which have different abilities and attacks , its a fairly complex game and requires patience but is quite rewarding and at times challenging. The storyline is an improvement overall to most MGS style games (looking at you here MGS2!!) and although it has strange characters there not rubbish ones like vampires who can run on water or suicidal women packing railguns instead Id say the storyline is more akin to that of a PKD novel, but obviously not quite as good.