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  1.  Great films, disapointing Blu-Ray release!


    These films are of course absolutely GREAT, we all know that. But I still had to write (and possibly warn you) about this because I think it's outrageous coming from a Blu-Ray release and EUROPE! There were almost no subtitles available. In a film like this, made in the 60's and with Spanish accent on most of the characters, I can't begin to tell you how let down I was that it wasn't one single Scandinavian subtitle. My father from Norway got so bored he left the film when he missed out on most of the dialogue. BUT there was Chinese, Japanese, Russian and a few others, but not ONE from any Scandinavian (that's 3) country. =(((

  2.  AWFUL!!!


    This is probably the worst film I've seen in 5 years. Yes.
    This a violation against Alexandre Dumas himself and thank God he's not here to see it.
    This is not meant to be an effects film, this is a timeless story that requires only that - the story, for it to work. However, the director here had not gotten the point at all and made it a action film for teenagers. Although this wonderful story shouldn't have anything to so with age (I became a fan of The Three Musketeers as a 6 year old), the director has made it so.
    NOTHING from the original storyline, which is the most brilliant of all classics, were kept. Nothing. This is not The Three Musketeers.

    See Richard Lesters The Three Musketeers. THAT'S the film.

  3.  THE Musketeer movie!


    This is the one and ONLY ultimate Three Musketeers experience! I became a fan of this film as a 6 year old and made me love Alexandre Dumas for life.
    Even though this is a comedy you might say, it still is the best Three Musketeers movie ever made and there is no other that can get close to it. With a cast like Oliver Reed, Faye Dunaway, Richard Chamberlain, Christopher Lee and Charlton Heston, you are BOUND to get quality.
    This film takes you through the whole timeless story with a twist of humor and charm without going astray.


  4.  Fresh horror!


    I actually really liked this film. While most horror films can be pretty much the same, and you feel like you've seen it all before, I felt that this film had a fresh and valid motivation behind the characters. That's why I believed in them and I felt for them.
    Although some of the scaring tricks was expected, they were done in clever ways that made good old seem like new to me.
    Definitely worth watching!

  5.  Great film!


    I have both seen the film AND read the book, and I have to say that I loved this film!
    Those of us who has read the book knows that it's filled with humour, and eventhough the subject is rascism, I see it well written in an elegant way with subtle funny parts.
    (I have to say, I'm not sure I understand what the other person posting a review means exactly, since he/she first thinks it's too fluffy and sentimental for a drama, but then says that it's too much of a comedy...*confused*)
    This is a film that was meant to show that life can change to the better with some inspiration from people around you.

  6.  Fun fun fun!


    I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when I heard about this game. At first it was said that you were gonna play yourself through Michael Jackson's life, and I just dreaded the end.
    I have never played a dancing game before, but this was pure fun, and most of the time - at least for me, really difficult!
    I can't wait to play it with more people!

  7.  Waste of money.


    This book was not written by someone close to Chandler, but by Chandler himself - Jordie Chandler's father. The man who stared Michael Jackson'd downfall, who without explanation committed suicide a few months after Michael Jackson's death. A man who wanted money from Michael Jackson insead of seeing this "pedophile who molested his son" in prison. A man who wrote an open and detailed book about his own son's "sexual affair" with Michael Jackson, whithout taking his own son's privacy or future into consideration.

    Something tells me this book is a waste of money...?

  8.  Magical - like Michael.


    I first bought this book when it came out in 1992. I have it still. I remember the beautiful art by Nate Giorgio and David Nordahl in it. This is a book that is not only inspirational, but shows Michael better than any interview, music video or show. Maybe even better than autobiography Moonwalk. His writing clearly shows a man beyond our time, like so many geniouses before him. It shows his inner thoughts, dreams and fears - a real human being, like all of us. When I was little I thought Michael was invincible. I thought he would never die. Throught his music, love and these reflections he never will.

  9.  Great!


    Like the King of Pop himself, this is great! This is the only book he wrote HIMSELF and therefore the only truly honest book about Michael Jackson. Everyone who's interested in him at all should read this, do not read books written by people who didn't even know him. Well written and funny!

  10.  What the f%&k?!


    OK, before you buy this book, thinking that it is a factual book about Akhenaten - IT'S NOT! It's a really bad fictional book based on his regime, and from the point of view from some Oracle working for him. I have read half of the book, and can't read any more. It is SO badly written with lots of empty talk, and is really one of those type of books that make you fall asleep even if you're not tired. Yep, this actually will be my first book ever to go in the trash.