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  1.  an unexpected treat


    I didn't see this in the cinema, and was not sure prior to watching. What a revelation. Better paced than the originals, some good comedic moments, genuine thrills, this is certainly a film to watch more than once. Martin Freeman was excellant, Gollum was more menacing and the effects have moved on significantly. Bring on part two.

  2.  watch it and make up your own mind


    The only issue John Carter faces is that you think you have witnessed much of the story before. However after reminding myself that the source material came years before Star Wars, Stargate, Avatar, Indiana Jones and just about every other sci-fi film of the last thirty years, it transformed into what was a very enjoyable ride. In fact the CGI characters are some of the best realised on film. Some of the names and language is very much from the realm of the novel, but I never found it embarrassing to watch.It also benefits by not having major A list stars, but actors that play their roles with conviction. It may well with hindsight go on to be a foundly watched family film for years to come

  3.  sequel to Faster


    A follow up to Mark Neale's Faster (worth watching back to back). Not just a film for bike nuts, but anyone who enjoys an insightful documentary. Gives some understanding into the mind set of the racers, who often ride with injuries that would put us in bed for months.

  4.  similar in tone to The Others


    Everything Rebecca Hall appears in has an above average quality and this is no exception. Quality acting all round,in this supernatural thriller. It is not a film for gore hounds, but does have a few moments that push the Jump button.

  5.  one of the best dramatisations you will see


    This period peice is driven by both superb narrative in Tom Stoppards screenplay, and some of the best ensemble acting I have witnessed. It would be wrong to pick out a single stand out performance.
    Containing wit, sorrow, drama and pathos, came into this with an open mind, not being sure it was my sort of thing.However was won over in the first ten minutes.

  6.  should be owned by everyone


    Simply one of the finest and most complete recordings. It just does not date. Every song is a stand out.

  7.  forget the boosh


    This isn't the Boosh. However it does creatively utilise cartoons, graphics and puppets.The bull fight scene is exquisite animation.Poignant, imaginative and shockingly funny.Very original.

  8.  ignore the critics


    Having given this a wide birth due to negative feedback, 'don't listen to the critics', came back to haunt me. Why such bad reviews? The film harcs back to movies such as Charade and To catch a thief. I thought there was very good chemistry between the leads.Old fashioned, but in a good way.

  9.  rocks


    Was sceptical at first, but five tracks in I'm hooked. Lee Roth's voice hasn't maybe got the full range of days gone by, but the songs play to his strengths. Some nice guitar work by Eddie. Just want to crank the volume up and feel twenty years younger.

  10.  don't fade away


    Stumbled across this on BBC 3. I'm sure this wasn't aimed at my age range (40 something), however I thought it was fantastic, gripping, funny and also paid a nice homage to my favourite films.At times intense and brooding, and not afraid to shy away from some surprises and shocks. Highly recommended.